Microbiology growth conditions

  1. optimal growth conditions/growth optima
    things that foster microbial growth
  2. atmospheric requirements
    amount of O2 present in the atmosphere
  3. Aerobe
    • must have air to grow
    • i.e. Bacillus
  4. Microaerophile
    • love a little bit of oxygen, not too much
    • a small amount of O2 has to be present
    • i.e. Lactococcus spp (found in the gut, stomach)
  5. Facultative anaerobes
    • they can be in the presence or absence of oxygen, they don't care
    • i.e. E. coli
  6. Anaerobes
    • must live in the absence of oxygen
    • i.e. Clostridium
  7. Strict
    strictly cannot have any oxygen, or they will die within seconds
  8. Obligate
    can handle oxygen for an hour or so, but after will start to die
  9. Aerotolerant
    can handle a little bit of oxygen
  10. pH
    concentration of hydrogens in a solution
  11. Acidophiles
    • Prefer to live in acids
    • 0-6 pH
    • o.e. battery acids of cars, stomach
  12. Neutrophiles
    • prefer to live in biological pH
    • pH 7
    • i.e. living in and on you
  13. Alkalophiles
    • basic pH
    • pH 8-14
    • i.e. living in the baking soda in the fridge to keep the odors down
  14. Temperature
    temperature requirements
  15. Psychrophile
    • prefer to live in cold temperatures
    • 0-20
    • most abundant microbial species in the planet (most abundant because of the ocean)
  16. Mesophile
    • prefer to live in room temperature
    • 15-45
    • body temperature
    • i.e. E. coli
  17. Thermophile
    • prefer to live in hot temperatures
    • 40-70
    • i.e. found in thermal pools in Yellowstone, hot water tank
  18. Extreme Thermophile
    65-105 degrees c
  19. Salinity
    salt requirements
  20. Halophiles
    salt loving
  21. Osmophiles
    • prefer to live in sugar and salt
    • our cells could not tolerate these osmotic pressures
    • - cytoplasm would either stream out or everything would rush in
    • i.e. yeast, Sacromyces rouxii
  22. lag phase
    • living = dyine
    • bacteria adapt to environment
  23. log growth
    • living > dying
    • bacteria grow and flourish
  24. stationary phase
    • living = dying
    • food source declines as population grows
  25. decline phase
    • living < dying
    • low food source and colony dies down
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