Muscles of the face

  1. Pouting or protruding the lower lip is done by what muscle?
  2. Puckering your lips in a kissing gesture
    Orbicularis Oris
  3. Elevating one side of your lip to sneer
    Zygomatics major
  4. Smile
  5. Eyebrow movements
    Corrugator Supercilli
  6. Drawing eyebrows down to wrinkle forehead
    Corrugator Supercilli
  7. Puffing your cheeks out
  8. Raising eyebrows
  9. Tenses skin on face and neck
  10. Tightly closes eyelids or winking
    Orbital part of Orbicularis Oculi
  11. Gently closes eyelids
    Palpebral part of Orbicularis Oculi
  12. Wrinkles nose
    Procerus (and transverse part of nasalis)
  13. Raises corner of the mouth
    Levator Anguli Oris
  14. Lifts upper lip (showing teeth)
    Levator Labii Superioris
  15. Flares nostrils
    Alar part of Nasalis (and Levator Labii Superioris)
  16. Frowning
    Depressor Anguli Oris
  17. Lowers bottom lip, showing teeth
    Depress Labii Inferioris
  18. What innervates the frontal belly of Occipitofrontalis?
    Temporal branch (of CN VII)
  19. What innervates the Occipital belly of the Occipitofrontalis muscle?
    Posterior auricular branch (of CN VII)
  20. What innervates Orbicularis Oculi?
    Temporal and zygomatic branches (of CN VII)
  21. What innervates the Corrugator supercilli?
    Temporal branch (of CN VII)
  22. What innervates the Procerus?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  23. What innervates the Nasalis?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  24. What innervates Orbicularis Oris?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  25. What innervates Levator Labii Superioris?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  26. What innervates the Zygomatics minor?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  27. What innervates the Buccinator?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  28. What innervates the Zygomatics major?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  29. What innervates Levator Anguli Oris?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  30. What innervates Risorius?
    Buccal branch (of CN VII)
  31. What innervates Depressor Anguli Oris?
    Marginal Mandibular branch (of CN VII)
  32. What innervates Depressor Labii Inferioris?
    Marginal Mandibular branch (of CN VII)
  33. What innervates the Mentalis?
    Marginal Mandibular branch (of CN VII)
  34. What innervates the Platysma?
    Cervical branches of the paratoid plexus (of CN VII)
  35. What are the functions of the facial nerve (CN VII)?
    • Special Sensory- taste
    • Somatic Sensory
    • Somatic (brachial) Motor
    • Visceral (parasympathetic) Motor
  36. Where does the facial nerve traverse in the skull?
    • Posterior border of the pons
    • Posterior cranial fossa
    • Internal Acoustic Meatus
    • Facial Canal
    • Stylomastoid foramen
    • Paratoid gland
  37. What is the sensory ganglion of the facial nerve (CN VII)?
    Genticulate ganglion
  38. What branches does the facial nerve give rise to while traversing the temporal bone within the facial canal?
    • Greater petrosal nerve
    • Nerve to the stapedius
    • Chorda Tympani nerve
  39. What pharyngeal arch is the facial nerve associated with?
    The 2nd pharyngeal arch
  40. To which ganglia does the facial nerve provide presynaptic parasympathetic fibers?
    • Pterygopalatine ganglion
    • Submandibular ganglion
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