Vocab List 9

  1. Adulterate
    v. To contaminate; to make impure
  2. Adverse
    adj. Harsh; Unfavorable
  3. Aesthetic
    adj. Having to do with artistic beauty; Artistic
  4. Affable
    adj. Friendly
  5. Affinity
    n. Attraction
  6. Affluent
    adj. Rich; Prosperous
  7. Agrarian
    adj. Relating to land and farming
  8. Agnostic
    adj. One who believes that the existence of a god cannot be known
  9. Aggregate
    n. Sum total; Collection of separate things mixed together
  10. Alacrity
    n. Cheerful eagerness; Readiness to respond
  11. Pacify
    v. To calm someone down; To placate
  12. Painstaking
    adj. Extremely careful
  13. Palliate
    v. To relieve something without getting rid of the problem
  14. Palpable
    adj. Capable of being touched; Tangible
  15. Paltry
    adj. Insignificant; Worthless
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