1. Frontalis
    front of head
  2. Occipitalis
    back of head
  3. Temporalis
    temporal region - helps to close jaw
  4. Zygomaticus
    smiling muscle
  5. Orbicularis oris
    kissing muscle, lips
  6. Orbicularis Oculi
    around eye, helps to blink
  7. buccinator
    cheeks, keeps food between teeth when chewing
  8. suprahyoid
    aids in swallowing
  9. infrahyoid
    aid in swallowing and speaking
  10. sternocleidomastoid
    major muscle aids in head movements
  11. erector spinae
    prime mover of back extension
  12. latissimus dorsi
    covers most of lower back and all the way up the sides of the backbone
  13. intercostals
    major muscles for breathing
  14. diaphragm
    seperates thoracic and abdominal cavities, most important breathing muscles
  15. pectoralis major
    major chest muscles, pects
  16. trapezius
    neck to top of shoulder
  17. deltoid
    shoulder muscle
  18. bicep brachii
    front of humerus
  19. triceps brachii
    back of humerus
  20. brachialis and brachioradialis
    major forearm flexor muscle
  21. rectus abdominis
    washboard stomach - abs
  22. external oblique
    sides of abdomin
  23. sartorius and gracilis
    helps in sitting cross legged, crosses over top of thigh
  24. quadriceps femoris
    major thigh muscle, helps extend knee
  25. gluteus maximus
    forms bulk of buttocks
  26. gluteus medius
    covered by maximus, major site of intramuscular injections

    gluteus medius covers gluteus minimus
  27. hamstrings
    form most of muscle back of thigh
  28. biceps femoris
    largest hamstring muscle
  29. gastrocnemius
    calf muscle
  30. achilles tendon or calcaneal tendon
    attaches gastrocnemius to ankle
  31. ischiocavernosus
    • retards venous drainage
    • maintains erection of penis/clitoris
  32. bulbospongiosus
    • empties male urethra
    • assists in erection of penis and clitoris
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