1. Indoors vs. Outdoors
    When I have leisure time, I look forward to spending it outdoors. I prefer outdoors because it is a nice break from the closed atmosphere of my office. It is really wonderful to breathe fresh air and enjoy the natural light of sunshine. Besides, once outside, my choice of activity is limitless. Mostly, I enjoy walks with friends. Finally, outdoors is also a great place to meet people and make friends. Recently, I met someone on a walking trail. During our walk we found we are both signed up for a golf lessons at the local club. Being outdoors gives me the opportunity to see new sights, try new things, and meet new people.
  2. Favorite methods to relax,
    There are two methods that I find best for reducing stress. The first method is having a long, relaxing bath and then listening to soft music. After a stressful day, this helps me fall asleep more quickly, and wake up stress free the next morning. The second method is drinking a nice hot cup of coffee or tea in quiet place. When I feel stress in the middle of the day, I find that resting 20 minutes in a quiet place with a warm beverage lowers my stress level significantly.
  3. The Optimists�� Club
    The optimists' club is an organization that has been very important in my life. They organize fun and enriching activities for kids in the city. For example, I had a great experience and forged lasting friendships while participating in their youth basketball league. In addition, they provide counselors who help troubled youths with problems. One time, I was o edge about my high school course work, and I did not have anyone to trun to for guidance. The Optimists' Club counselor provided me with some very useful advice I needed in order to select the appropriate classes to enroll in.
  4. Skydiving / Dangerous activity
    One dangerous sport that I would like to try is skydiving. This sport looks like it would be a lot of fun. In order to do this sport, you have to be brave enough to jump out of the plane. I want to see if I can be that brave. I also think that I would enjoy the feeling of free-falling. That is why I want to try skydiving.I don't want to try any dangerous or extreme sports. One reason I don't want to try them is because I could get injured. I always try to take care of myself and be healthy, so I don't want to hurt my body by doing an extreme sport. Another reason I don't want to try any extreme sports is because they cost a lot of money. I am not rich, so I don't want to waste my money
  5. Theater Club
    In high school, I spent my free time acting with the theater club. I think this was a good way to spend my free time. For example, one thing I did was practice for shows, I did this because I thought acing was fun. Another thing I did was build and paint things we used on stage. I did this because I enjoyed working with other members of the club. Spending my free time with the theater club in high school was a great experience for me.
  6. Talk about an important national holiday in your home country.
    An important national holiday in my country is the lanterns festival. This is a public holiday that follows the Spring Festival, and occurs on January fifteenth - every year. It's an important holiday because it's very much for families -- it's one of the rare times during the year that families can get together and really enjoy each other's company. I also think it's an important holiday because it's probably the one day over the Spring Festival period that the whole family gets to relax. People have been very busy on Spring Festival, cooking and doing many things, but on the lanterns festival, everybody gets to relax, and that's why it is such an important holiday.
  7. Your favorite childhood activity/game. What do you do in your spare time?
    Playing chess is one of my favorite childhood activities; I prefer to play chess because playing this game is enjoyable. I usually have an enjoyable time when I play it with someone. I like the feeling of winning. Besides, it is a wonderful way to release stress. When I am concentrating on playing chess, I am not thinking about my schoolwork or things that I have to do. Finally, playing chess can increase my memory that benefits my study. By concentrating on keeping the track of my opponent's strategies, I could keep my brain functioning and growing.
  8. Are games important to adults?
    First, playing games is enjoyable. For me, there is nothing more enjoyable than to come home and play chess with someone, after a hard day of work. Besides, playing games is a wonderful way to release stress for adults. When you are concentrating on playing games, you're not thinking about your work or things that you have to do. Finally, some games, like crosswords, math puzzles, can increase your memory. By using your brain, you can keep your brain functioning and growing. The more you use your brain, the better it works.
  9. What do you do to relieve stress? Favorite methods to relax,
    My life is full of stress. I work hard and have little time for myself. Therefore it's important for me to relieve my stress sometimes. To do that, I play chess with someone in my spare time. Playing chess is enjoyable. For me, there is nothing more enjoyable than to come home and play chess with someone, after a hard day of work, it helps me relax. Besides, when I'm concentrating on the tactics and strategies, I'm not thinking about my works or things that I have to do. If I didn't play chess, all my stress would take over my life.
  10. Plan for spare time
    • I prefer to plan for spare time because a good
    • plan will help me to take advantage of the spare time more efficiently.
    • For example, if I want to read book in the library or go to a gym to
    • work out, I can arrange those activities in my schedule and finish them
    • one by one, so having a plan will make me more efficient. Moreover, I
    • can enjoy myself more if I have a plan. Since I am fully prepared, there
    • would be very little possibility of problems, and I could have a
    • worry-free leisure time. I do not like the idea of spending my spare
    • time without a plan, because it would lead to bad utilization of my
    • precious free time.
  11. Which is the most favored sport in your country? What is your favorite sport?
    I think walking is the most popular sport in my country. Brisk walking is enjoyable and accessible, people can do it anytime and in any place they want, like park, walking trail. Besides, walking is a great form of aerobic exercise that is beneficial to our health/helps me in great shape, like burning calories and loses weight. Walking is also a type of workout that can be easily integrated into everyone's lifestyle, even the elderly and people who just recover from diseases. So, everyone can do it. Finally, outdoors is also a great place to meet similar people and make friends. Recently, I met someone on a walking trail. During our walk we found we are both signed up for a golf lessons at the local club.
  12. Plan for spare time
    My free time is very valuable. I don't have a lot of free time, so I want to be sure to spend every minute of it well. Therefore, I always try to make plans ahead of time. In this way I don't waste any of my free time trying to decide what to do. If I don't have a plan, I might spend all morning thinking about the different things I could do. Besides, I can also make my preparations ahead of time. Then I can spend the whole weekend just enjoying myself. For example, if I want to go on a picnic, I can have my food all prepared beforehand. Finally, it's easier to invite friends to join me. If I wait until the last minute, my friends might already have plans to do something else.
  13. Is winning the most important aspect of playing a game?
    I strongly disagree with the statement that playing game is fun only when you win. First of all, the real meaning of a game is to enjoy the process of the game. The result, no matter I win or lose, really doesn't seem matter for me. Secondly, without thinking of winning, you would gain fun and joy from games, which helps you relax and release stress. However, if the players play a game for winning, they will concentrate on scores so much that they forget to enjoy the game and relax, which is actually the true meaning of playing games.
  14. Playing games teaches us about life
    First of all, playing games teaches us about the strategies which we can apply in our real life. For instance, Chess imitate the battles between two countries. We need to analyze what situation we face, guess what our rivals would do in the next steps and make the best choice from several possibilities, In real life, when we meet a challenge, we usually analysis the situation and decide what to do next. Therefore, games are mirrors of real life. In addition, playing games also teaches us how to interact with other people
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