1. Her name means lamb and she's the patron of young girls.
    St. Agnes
  2. Patron of expectant mothers
    St. Gerard Majella
  3. Patron of deacons and he became the first martyr by being stone to death.
    St. Stephen
  4. Patron of those with eye trouble.
    St. Lucy
  5. He has come to be known as Santa Claus. He is patron of brides and children.
    St. Nicholas
  6. He was a fisherman who became an apostle. He was the brother of St. Peter. He died on an X shaped cross. He is the patron of Russia and Scottland.
    St. Andrew
  7. She was the daughter of King Hungary and she loved the poor. Her husband saw her and took her cape off to see what she was carrying. Instead of bread, he saw roses. She is the patronate of Catholic charities, the Franciscan third order, and bakers
    St. Elizabeth of Hungary
  8. He was a great peacemaker who drove back the Huns when they tried to destroy Rome. He was a pope and doctor of the church.
    St. Leo the Great
  9. He was born in Lema, Peru and became a dominican. He is the patron of Social Justice
    St. Martin de Porres
  10. Patronate of Desperate situations
    St. Jude
  11. When she was 20 years old, she joined the Carmelites, but felt a call to a stricter order so she found the Discalced Carmlites. She became the first woman that the church declared a doctor of church. She's the patroness of Spain and of those with headaches
    St. Teresa of Avila
  12. Founder of the Franciscans and he is known as a little poor man
    St. Francis of Assisi
  13. Patronate of churches, world missions. She is known at the Little Flower
    St. Theresa the Child of Jesus
  14. Translated the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin
    St. Jerome
  15. Founded the daughters of charity and his work is continued throughout the church in the projects carried out by him
    St. Vincent de Paul
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