Civics Chapter 2

  1. Magna Carta
    Great Charter, that King John was forced to sign in 1215.
  2. limited government
    a system in which the power of the government is limited, not absoulute
  3. Petition of Right
    severly limiting the king's power
  4. English Bill of Rights
    a document that would later be very important to the American colonies
  5. reprentative government
    a system of government in which people elect delegates to make laws and conduct government
  6. Two Treatises of Government
    first published in 1690; by John Locke
  7. Mayflower Compact
    the pilgrims signed in 1620 stands as the first example of many colonial plans for self-government
  8. Great Fundamentals
    the first basic system of laws in the English colonies
  9. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
    document laid out a plan for government that gave the people the right to elect the governopr, judges, and representatives to make laws
  10. seperation of powers
    the division of power among the legislative, executive, and judical branches of government
  11. revenue
    the money a government collects from taxes or other sources
  12. Intolerable Acts
    retaliation Parliment passed the Coercive Acts
  13. Stamp Act
    1765 imposed the first direct tax on the colonists
  14. committees of correspondence
    1773 organizations
  15. Albany Plan of Union
    1754 Ben Franklin had proposed an innovative plan for uniting the colonies
  16. embargo
    an agreement prohibiting trade, on Britian, and agreed not to use British goods
  17. Declaration of Independance
    most famous documents in history
  18. ratified
  19. unicameral
  20. ceded
  21. ordinances
  22. Northwest Ordinance
    1787 established the principle that the territories were to be developed for statehood on an equal basis with the older states
  23. Father of the Constitution
    James Madison, often called
  24. interstate commerce
    trade among the states, and foreign commerce
  25. extralegal
    not sanctioned by law
  26. Patrick Henry
    was a strong opponent of the Constitution.
  27. anarchy
    political disorder
  28. The Federalist
    a book
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