Chapter 5: Changes in the western frontier

  1. What did the Plains Indians depend on?
    the buffalo
  2. What was the battle of wounded knee
    massacre of indian women and children
  3. what were the type of cattle sent to market
    long horn cattle
  4. what was the battle of little big horn?
    last Great Plains Indian victory
  5. the farmers in the west wanted what?
    bimetallism instead of the gold standard
  6. what was a sod
    what houses of american settlers of the great plains were made from
  7. book written by Helen Hunt Jackson
    A Century of Dishonor
  8. What were exodusters?
    black settlers of kansas
  9. Met at promotory point, utah
    transcontinental railroad
  10. what does populism mean?
    the peoples movement
  11. trail used to get cattle to the railroad
    chisholm trail
  12. act that gave settlers 160 acres if they were heads of households
    homestead act
  13. act used to assimilate indians into the mainstream of america
    dawes act
  14. used to tell whos cattle belongs to who
    a brand
  15. Who ran for president opposing the gold standard
    William Jennings Bryant
  16. List the 4 parts of the popluist program
    • graduated income tax
    • increase money supply
    • direct election of senators
    • secret ballot
    • federal loan program
    • single term for President & VP
    • Immigration restrictions
    • 8 hour work day
  17. List 3 problems with the Great Plains
    • lack of rain
    • isolation
    • incessant winds
  18. invented barb wire
    Joseph Glidden
  19. What is the 'dead man's hand'?
    Aces and eights in poker
  20. What are Bonanza farms
    single crop farms of 15,000 to 50,000 acres
  21. Graduated income tax was mentioned here
    Idea held by populist
  22. Sitting Bull and Red Cloud are two of these...
    Plains Indians
  23. Direct election of senators would be one of these
    Idea held by populist... became an amendment
  24. land granted for agriculture and mechanical colleges
    morill act
  25. Pemmican, needles, fly swatters came from this
  26. Why did American settlers want the Land of the Black Hills?
    Gold was found in the Black Hills.
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