chapter six

  1. Auto education
  2. plan do review teaching learning cycle...
    high /scope
  3. prepared environment
  4. documentation
    regio emilia
  5. key experiences
    high/ scope
  6. reggio emilia schools were founded by loris malaguzzi in regio emilia, a city in northern italy. one of hte most striking features of th reggio apporach is...
    the beauty of the school
  7. which of the following statements is true in regio emmilia schools
    a. children stay with their teacher and same peer group for three years
  8. the high scope ciriculum's daily routine is made up for a plan-do-review sequence. planning time gives the children a structed, consisent change to express their ideas to adults. the purspose of the planning time is..
    a. allow time for children to plan with the teacher to clarify their ideas and think about how to proceed with their projects
  9. The atelierista is...
    a teacher trained in the visual arts that works closely with teachers and children in every PREPRIMARY school on a daily basis
  10. The regio emila program serves from....
    3 months to 6 years of age
  11. which of the follwoing is NOT ONE OF THE elements in reggio emilia school
    the classrooms adhere to a strict schedule
  12. main features of the high scope ....
    plan do review
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