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  1. What is the best way to tell if a fecal blood test is accurate?
    The Controls
  2. How would you preserve a fecal blood test?
    Store room temp, keep away from heat
  3. What is a Nephrologist?
    A Kidney specialist.
  4. IVP- Intravenous Pyelogram / Pyelography
    Radio graphic contract into the vein; ask if they have reactions to shellfish or iodine
  5. What is a Cystoscope?
    Lighted scopy into the urethra
  6. What is a Vasectomy?
    Sniping of the vas deferens
  7. PSA- Blood Test - Prostate Specific Antigen
    Looking for antigens for prostate cancer
  8. What is a Urethroscopy?
    Looks inside urethra
  9. What is a Dosimeter?
    Detects how much radiation an x-ray technician is exposed to
  10. What is an X-ray Tube?
    Emits radiation
  11. What is penetrateable by x-ray?
  12. What is a Control Panel?
    Controls energy and concentration of radiation
  13. What is a Proctologist?
    Lower bowel, rectum and anus.
  14. What is an Angiogram?
    Instrument used to look inside joint, tendons. Recorded results
  15. What is a MRI?
    Magnetic field to produce image
  16. What is a CT?
    • Radiographic produces cross sectional images
    • ´┐Ż Ask if they are claustrophobic´┐Ż
  17. What is an ultrasound?
    Sound waves to produce an image Like an unborn child.
  18. What is a Cholangiography?
    Visual inspection of a bile duct to detect kidney stones or lesions
  19. What does RL mean?
    Right side touches film
  20. What is a collimator?
    Device attaches to an X-ray, controls the size and shape of the beam.
  21. What is does lateral mean?
    Pt on there side
  22. What is does oblique mean?
    Body placed at an angle.
  23. What is does PA and AP mean?
    • PA pt prone, on stomach, beam goes back to front
    • AP pt supine- on back, beam goes front to back.
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