Lipoprotein disorders.txt

  1. Name the two hyperlipidemias
    • Type IIb - mixed VLDL/LDL
    • Type III - High IDL
  2. Name the two hypertriglyceridemias
    • Type I - High CM
    • Type IV - High VLDL
  3. Name the one Hypercholesterolemia
    Type IIa - High LDL
  4. What are the two familial diseases that do not cause Xanthomata?
    • Type IIa (high LDL)
    • Type IV (High VLDL)
  5. What is the one familial disease that does not cause CVD?
    Type I (High CM)
  6. What is the main cause of type IIa?
    deficient LDL receptors
  7. What causes Type I?
    • Deficient Lipoprotein lipase
    • Apo C-II deficiency
  8. What causes Type IV?
    • VLDL overproduction in liver
    • obesity, ethanol
    • IR
  9. What causes type IIb?
    overproduction of Apo B-100
  10. What causes type III?
    deficient Apo-E
  11. What do LDLs do to macrophages?
    • Turn them into foam cells b/c of the excess CE production
    • Leads to atherosclerosis
  12. What two drugs can be used to elevate HDL levels to remove cholesterol from macrophages?
    • Fibrates
    • Niacin
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