FMSC 330

  1. Difference between jelousy and envy:
    Jelousy is more fear of loosing someone , whereas envy is centered more around things. Also jelousy brings out fear of rage and anger.
  2. All cultures control development of love one way or the other.
  3. Some ways that cultures can control development of love are:
    • Child marriage: child knows who they are going to marry from when they are born.( India)
    • Social isolation of young people: separation of young people.( Islamic countries)
    • Chaparonage: third party is always present ( parents, siblings)
    • Formally free: you can fall in love with whoever you want, however parents play a major role and have major control over whom you date.
  4. Endogomy is...
    A rule/expectation that people will marry within a particular social group, race and/ or religion.
  5. Exogomy is ...
    • Rule/expectations that people marry outside social group and it is only in two cases:
    • Marry outside family
    • Marry outside gender
  6. Homogomy is :
    Courage to marry someone who is similar. If you break it there are will not be a big price to pay.
  7. Hetrogomy is ...
    Courage to marry someone who is a little different. ( woman marry man who is taller)
  8. What are some issues associated with Homo/Hetrogomy
    • Visability: the higher the visability the bigger it might become an issue.
    • Availability: how available is someone
    • Consciousness: how aware a person is
    • Salience: how important something is to a person
  9. SPR theory by:
    Murstein , talks about stimulas ( people having chemistry), values( what do value in life), roles
  10. Hendrix Theory suggests that :
    people are tend to be attracted to people who are closer and resemble their parents.
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