FMCS 330

  1. People are able to lve and achive intimacy only after they stablish a solid identity. ( Erickson)
  2. What does identity mean?
    Identity means I , which establishes a person's place in the society.
  3. What does I depend on?
    If a person is in the constant stage of change then the I depends on the situation they are in.
  4. What might I love you mean for a person whose identity has not formed yet?
    I love you may mean I need you and this I love you may not be the same when the I has changed.
  5. Plato's myth suggests that:
    no one is compelete and we seek out another person to make us feel as a whole.
  6. Compelementry need thory by winch suggests that:
    We tend to pick people who are from same class and religious background. Also according to winch we pick someone who comliments us in autonomy and accomplishment.
  7. What are the dimensions that couples are complementry in:
    • Nurturant/Receptive
    • Dominant/Submissive
  8. According to John Lee what are different styles of love?
    • Eros
    • Mania
    • Ludis
    • Storgae
    • Agape
    • Pragma
  9. Eros is a love of ...
    • Beauty.
    • Wen we look at eros , it is considered with erotic people who are engaged in delight of touch. this love burns brightly but dies quickly.
  10. Mania is...
    • Obsessive love ( very extreme)
    • Nights are marked by sleeplessness and days filled by anxiety. little sign of affection feels like ecstacy.
    • Mania love is like a roller coaster.
  11. Ludis is ...
    • Playfull, silly love.
    • In this kind of love , love is nothing serious and it is more like something to play with.
  12. Storgae is ...
    • Love of friends and companions ( best friends love)
    • This love starts as friendship can turn into deep love and when it is over , it goes over gradually and people can become friends again.
  13. Agape is ...
    Unconditional , altruistic love for good of human kind. This love is the love of saints, myrthers, it is more abstract and can be a pure christian love.
  14. Pragma is...
    This love is a practical, logical love. It is usually said that it is love with shopping list.
  15. Endogomy is
    Practice of marrying within the same ethnic group, class, social group
  16. Exogomy is
    Defined as marrying outside of a certain group.
  17. For people to have a successful loveing relationship they have to share same values.
  18. What is the thory of ralph Hupka
    • He divided jelousy into
    • High jelously cultures ( Texas Apaches)
    • Low jelousy cultures (Todes of India)
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