FMSC 330

  1. Conditions that can not be tolorated in a healthy relationships are:
    Abuse and disrespect
  2. Some definitions of love include:
    Love, Sacrifice,being emotionally volnurable.
  3. Being in love means:
    People are there for you regardless of the situation. Being in love requires commitment, responsibility and trust.
  4. Love is:
    • Essential for our lives
    • It bonds us together
    • Overcomes distance
    • Suffers crulty
    • It is also a feeling and activity
  5. love is first felt and then the action is taken upon it .
  6. Paradox of love includes:
    Affection, bordom, bonds freedon, anger, kindness
  7. Love does not give us perfection it give us meanings.
  8. How is love developed?
    falling in love is not simple , love development is a process.
  9. What theory is Reiss associated with?
    Wheel theory of love
  10. What are components of wheel theory of love?
    • There are four component to the wheel thory of love which include:
    • Rapport
    • Self revelation
    • Mutual dependancy
    • Intimacy need fulfillment
  11. What does rapport represent in the wheel theory of love?
    • It is ease of understanding which is quickly sensed.
    • It is communication
    • Comfort level you have with someone
  12. Sense of rapport depends on:
    Social and cultural environment.
  13. Self revelation in theory of love is when :
    Person shares more about themself, however this should not be a one way process.
  14. What are the major parts in mutual dependency in the wheel of love thoery?
    Each needs other to share pleasure and fear, each becomes the other's confidant and best friends , it is in this stage that people become a couple.
  15. What is the importance of Intimacy need fullfilment?
    This says that people have basic intimacy needs and they need sympathy.
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