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  1. Types of cohabitations are:
    • Temporary Casual convenience: does not need to be an intimate relationship ( apt with a roommate)
    • Affectionate dating: people live together because they enjoy being together and will live together as long as it is mutually enjoyable.
  2. Trial marriage is: ( part of cohabitation)
    • Engaged to be engaged.
    • Couples discover even if they want to marry each other
  3. Temporary alternative to marriage:
    Poeple are in a commited relationship and waiting for a better time to marry
  4. Permanent alternative to marriage:
    • Couple does not want to get married
    • Reject the idea of marriage
    • Live together as spouse
    • Many older people avoid marriage to continue getting pension
  5. Marriage Vs. Cohabitation:
    • Transitory nature of living together
    • Different commitments
    • Finances
    • Work
    • Social support
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