A&P Test

  1. Fuctions of the integumentary system
    • protection
    • sensation(sensory receptors)
    • temperature regulation
    • vitamin d
    • excretion
  2. Epidermis-superficial layer of the skin consist of epithelial tissue
    resists abrasion and reduce water loss through skin
  3. Dermis-layer of connective tissue
    structural strength
  4. subcutaneous tissue-layer of loose connective tissue
    connect the skin to underlying muscle
  5. Cells of epidermis
    • keratinocytes(cells with keratin, makes ccells more durable)
    • gives epidermis albilty to resist abrasion and reduce water loss

    melanocytes(skin color)

    langerhans cells(immune system)

    merkel cells(associated with nerve ending responsible for detecting light touch)
  6. thick skin
    • all five epithelial strate
    • found in areas of alot of pressure and friction palms fingertips soles
  7. thin skin
    cover rest of body
  8. melanin-group of pigments responsible for skin and eye, hair color
    • protection agianst ultra viloent light
    • package melanicytes into melanosomes
  9. dermis nerver ending hair follicles smoothe muscles glads lymphatic vessels
    colage main tissue
    two layer
    • papillary
    • loos connective tissue
    • blood vessels
    • reticular layer
    • dense irregular connective tissue
  10. hair
    • lanugo delicate unpigmented hair
    • termeinal hair replace lanugo hair in scalp eyelids and eyebrow
    • velus hair- replace all over the rest
  11. hair strucute
    • shaft
    • root
    • hair bulb
    • medulla
    • cortex
    • cuticle
    • hair follical
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