social justice

  1. what is social justice? what does it target?
    • targets major institutions
    • on equality, fairness, responsibility
  2. theories are? thesis?
    • a way of seeing.
    • thesis can alwaqys be wrong adjusted and altered
    • comprehensiveness is better than non comprehensiveness
  3. susan george on globalization
    • says it has not helped the world. but has didvied the world
    • trying to be as netural as possible
    • fairly evaluating something
  4. globalizationg makes the world_______
  5. how does globalization effect the world?
    • shortens time and space (ie processed foods)
    • money driven busniess perspective
    • takes advantage of cheap labour
  6. what is neo liberalism
    blends of liberal views with encouragement of economic growth
  7. is neo liberalism good or bad
    • bad because organizations use thier powers to make money off of society but have no reguard for how they effect the land.
    • done by co oporations
  8. what is the world system
    the world system is the way globalization is.
  9. is susan for or against globalization
    she is not against globalization she is only against the way it is mandated.
  10. what is a market force
    market forces shape most of our relationships with others in terms of our values, intrest
  11. what would happen if the economy gets worse
    market forces will influence us more
  12. what are the 2 market forces
    • privatization - privatizing schools, water, health care.
    • Deregualtion the removal of govenmantal controls over a industry or sector= competition
  13. susan george what is the modest hope
    is manufacturing everthing for the enviroment - solar pannels
  14. whats is the theory of capitalism
    that capitalism can fix everything
  15. what is one of geoges concerns
    • she does not expect the govenment to resepect the earth unless
    • it makes them a profit
    • they are forced to
    • it will damage their reputation
  16. what does it mean to externalize a cost
    recieving a benifit and having another person pay for it
  17. what are the commons
    humans, and their values
  18. capitalism is always about
    efficiency, the market is based on profit and not the smae views of people
  19. what is deathly scielent market
    • the marke goes up while natre goes down
    • the market never tipps off when profits are low
  20. who are the actors
    public gov;t institutions

    private large co orprations pepsi that want to expand
  21. what is the oecd
    it began in 1975 it is an umbrealla organization for the wwt regualtion- most compainies will join does not focus on production or ethics
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