World Music Ch9

  1. The island of Ireland is divided between
    • A)an independent republic and a northern province of the United Kingdom
    • B)a predominately Protestant republic and a predominately Catholic northern province
    • C)a predominately Catholic republic and a predominately Protestant northern province
    • D)A and C only
  2. The main impetus for the commencement of the Irish diaspora was
    • A)Irish independence in 1949
    • B)violent resistance to British control
    • C)the Irish potato famine
    • D)the establishment of a national radio station
  3. The Irish music revival of the 1960s was fueled by
    • A)increased prosperity in Ireland
    • B)fears of culture loss
    • C)the shift from an agriculture-based to a manufacturing-based economy
    • D)all of the above
  4. Sean nós are
    • A)songs sung in Irish Gaelic
    • B)songs sung in English
    • C)Irish harp tunes
    • D)Instrumental dance medleys
  5. A _________ is an informal social gathering where musicians playing different instruments join together to play Irish tunes, though not usually in accompaniment of dancing.
    • A)ceílí
    • B)session
    • C)bodhrán
    • D)fingal
  6. In the context of rural Irish domestic gatherings pre-1920
    • A)music and dance were integral to one another
    • B)music was not played to accompany dancing
    • C)music was performed mainly by large, professional bands and performing ensembles
    • D)B and C only
  7. The most common form found in Irish instrumental dance tunes is
    • A)ABBA
    • B)AABB
    • C)ABAC
    • D)AAAB
  8. The characteristics that define "Celtic music" include
    • A)the use of certain types of instruments
    • B)the use of certain types of melodic ornamentation
    • C)the employment of certain standard musical forms for songs and dance tunes
    • D)all of the above
  9. On the uilleann pipes, the main melody is played on the
    • A)drone pipes
    • B)regulators
    • C)chanter
    • D)bellows
  10. Which of the following is NOT a dance rhythm commonly used in Irish music?
    • A)reel
    • B)jig
    • C)roll
    • D)hornpipe
  11. On the uilleann pipes, the regulators are used to
    • A)play drones
    • B)play melodies
    • C)play ornaments
    • D)play chords
  12. One of the most important early figures in the preservation, cultivation, and dissemination of Irish traditional music was
    • A)Seamus Ennis
    • B)Sean ó'Riada
    • C)Liam O'Flynn
    • D)Eileen Ivers
  13. The emergence of a pan-Irish approach to music was influenced by
    • A)the priority of dancing to music at rural domestic gatherings
    • B)processes of urbanization, which brought musicians from different regions of Ireland together
    • C)radio broadcasting
    • D)both B and C
  14. Fleadhs are
    • A)All-Ireland music competitions
    • B)concert performances of Irish music presented in concert halls
    • C)melodic ornaments
    • D)medleys of dance tunes
  15. As a result of the Irish music revival of the 1960s, traditional music
    • A)was increasingly performed by professional groups who toured and made recordings
    • B)moved from the countryside and the home to the pub, the dance hall, and the concert hall
    • C)became more closely integrated with dance in general
    • D)A and B only
  16. A bodhrán is
    • A)a mebranophone
    • B)a chordophone
    • C)an aerophone
    • D)a hybrid electronophone
  17. ___________ are the premier international ambassadors of Irish traditional music and have been a major force in Irish music since the release of their first record album in 1963.
    • A)Ceoltoírí Cualann
    • B)The Chieftains
    • C)Clannad
    • D)Altan
  18. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of the modern ensemble style of neo-traditional Irish music?
    • A)Use of percussion instruments, including the drumset, as rhythmic accompaniment instruments
    • B)Prominence of chording instruments
    • C)Jazz- or rock-influenced textures featuring solo improvisation
    • D)The basic premise that the main function of Irish dance tunes is to accompany dancing
  19. The music of the group Altan can be distinguished from the more traditional music of Seamus Ennis because Altan's music
    • A)is looser and more spontaneous
    • B)is more controlled and planned out
    • C)features drones
    • D)A and C only
  20. The music of Eileen Ivers represents
    • A)a conservative revival of Irish traditional music
    • B)a broad and eclectic range of musical styles
    • C)an innovative approach to pan-Irish music developed by a leading contemporary musician who was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland
    • D)all of the above
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