FMSC 330

  1. Variation in extended family includes:
    • Communes
    • Family networks and cluster
    • Affiliated families
  2. Communes are defined as:
    Intended communities that share request for togetherness and balance of responsibilities ( Twin Oaks)
  3. 3 tyeps of communes are:
    • Utopian
    • Evolutionary
    • Religious
  4. Utopian Communes are:
    Ideal society or community possesing a perfect sociao-political legal system
  5. Evolutionary communes are made of :
    These are high achiversand people over 30 , post children , opinion leaders and some go out for financial support.
  6. Religious communes are:
    These communes are consisting of monestaries and are highly structured with authorian leaders, stron work ethics and self sustaining, withdrawn from society and very family oriented. ( Amish)
  7. Family/networks/clusters ( Fredrich Stoller)
    A circle of families who meet together regularely and frequantly share recipricol fashion intimate secrets.
  8. The three components of the family/networks/clusters:
    • Circle of families: Ideal is 3 families. They need to have regular and frequant meetings before intimacy can be established.
    • Recipricol: give and take
    • Extension of values: share belifes
  9. Affiliated families are ( Clavan and Vatter):
    Any combination of husband, father, wife mother and their kids + one or more elder with them. Persons recoganized as part of kin network and called by a designated kin term.
  10. What are some factors associated with affiliated families:
    • Commitment is voluntary( it is not about the money)
    • Adoption of an older person
  11. The Attributes of the affiliated family include:
    • Propinquity ( location,proximity,and living close to someone)
    • Voluntary( commitment to each other
    • Flexability
  12. Degree of religiousity impacts weather a couple with live toghether or not.(cohabitation, Glick and Spanier)
  13. It is love not marriage that is regarded as making a sexual act moral.
  14. Woman and man are delaying marriage because they still want:
    Physical and emotional closeness.
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