T-6 Hydraulic system

  1. What type of Hydraulic system does the T-6 have?
    Closed-loop system.
  2. How is the hydrqulic system on the T-6 is pressurized?
    By an engine driven pump.
  3. Where is the engine driven pump located?
    In the engine accessory compartment.
  4. The engine driven pump will maintain the pressure for both the ____ and ____ system ____psi +/- ___
    normal, emergency, 3000, 120
  5. The hydraulic system has a pressure relief valve that opens when pressure is between ____ - ____ psi to prevent _______
    3250-3500psi, damage
  6. What components are powered by the normal HYD system?
    • Flaps
    • Landing gear
    • Manin gear doors
    • Speed brake
    • Nosewheel steering
  7. When the pressure drops below ____ psi the _____ annunciator on the CWS illuminate.
    1800, HYDR FL LO
  8. The emergency system can only be available if?
    The normal system pressurized the emergency accumulator.
  9. What activates the emergency HYD system?
    The emergency landing gear extension handle in the front cockpit.
  10. what prevents fluid in the emergency HYD system from flowing back into the normal system?
    a check valve
  11. Both main landing gear doors must extended past ___ to allow either main landing gear to extend.
  12. During the exterior check make sure to inspec the _____ and ____ to the interior door.
    bell crank, connecting rod
  13. How much fluid is stored in the HYD reservoir? and what does that amount include?
    1.25 gallons, includes 0.6 gallon power package reservoir
  14. When the HYDR FL LO annunciator is illuminated what systems should be considered inop? (assuming no pressure)
    • Normal landing gear extension
    • Normal flap extension
    • Speed brake
    • Nose wheel stearing
  15. What should be considered when EHYD PX LO annunciator is illuminated?
    the emergency landing gear and flap extension is inop
  16. The EHYD PX LO will illuminate when the pressure in the emergency accumulator drops below ____psi?
  17. The red gear light will illuminate when.
    • Doors not closed
    • PCL idle gear up
  18. You will hear a tone when.
    • The gear is up, with 87% N1, at 120 KIAS
    • With the gear up and flaps LDG
    • With gear handle up, WOW
  19. What may be indicated by a loss of HYD pressure?
    a fluid leak in the emergency HYD system.
  20. IF a HYD leak is of a small enough flow rate (less than .25gpm) that it does not activate the HYD fuse what could possibly happen?
    All fluid could leak out of both systems and a gear up landing would be required.
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