1. Primary Emotions
    • Happiness
    • Sadness
    • Anger
    • Surprise
    • Fear - 6-12 months emerges is when speration anxiety occurs for the caregiver. Peaks at around 15 - 18 months.
  2. Self-Conscious Emotions
    • Yound child is aware of self around 18 months.
    • Experiences shame.
    • Embarrassment.
    • Pride.
    • Also, Guilt.
  3. Crying
    • The care giver shows prompt reponse to the crying infant, child sees patterns.
    • It is important for the infant to have security, trust, and care giver predictability in response to crying.
  4. Stranger Anxiety
    The reacting to someone who is unfamiliar.
  5. Social Reinforcing
    Infant is looking to caregiver for cues. This emerges around 18 months.
  6. Emotional Regualtion
    Anger Managment the infant experiences.
  7. Personality Development
    • Shows up in form of temperament. An infant response style.
    • Genetic basis.
    • Thomas Chess: 9 dimensions. 3 major categories: Easy, Difficult and slow to warm up.
    • the activity levels ratings are as follows: mood, adaptability to change, distractability. Regularity to change.
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