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  1. At the beginning of the civil war, what was the white ration of northerners to southeners?
  2. how many people did the norht have at the beginning of the war?
    24 million
  3. What was the population of the southeners at the beginning of the war?
    8 million
  4. The north produced hardware how many times faster than the south?
    500 times faster
  5. What was the Norths percentage ration to the souths concerning industrial output?
  6. what was the ratio in railroad miles between the south and north?
    3:1 (north:south)
  7. what did the north have a 2:1 advantage in?
    draft animals
  8. what did the south have to do to get their independence?
    wait until the north gave up
  9. what made the south hard to conquer?
    the south was 750,000 sq miles
  10. what made the south fight more fanatically that the north?
    the battles were in the southener states and the men knew that if they were to lose there families and farms would be ransacked
  11. What did the south have better at the beginningof the war?
    soldiers and commanders
  12. Robert E. Lee was...
    • very daring and dashing commander
    • brilliant strategist
    • great leader of men
    • men believed in him and would do anything for him
  13. What kept the union together during the first two years of the war?
    • Lincolns fortitude and leadership.
    • he wanted to preserve the union
  14. What did the south the war was over?
    states rights
  15. what was the most important state rights to the south?
  16. What states were the original confederacy?
    • South Carolina
    • Texas
    • Florida
    • Alabama
    • Mississippi
    • Georgia
    • Louisiana
  17. What four states joined the confederates after it was all said and done to make up the 11 states of the Confederates?
    North Carolina, Tennesee, Arkansas, and Virginia (which brought Robert E. Lee and The Tredegar iron works)
  18. what two states remained neutral?
    Kentucky and missouri
  19. What was Scotts Anaconda Plan
    through blockades, squeeze the south inot econmic submission
  20. why did Lincoln not go for the Anaconda Strategy?
    it was time consuming and Lincoln believed they did not have a lot of time
  21. What were the two "theaters" of war?
    • the west which was the area west of the Appalachian mountains
    • the east which was primaryily virginia
  22. What battle occured in July 1861
    First Battle of Bullrun.
  23. Who was in charge of the two armies at the First Battle of Bullrun?
    • McDowell for the Army of Potomac
    • Beauregard for the Confederates
  24. No heavy fighting occured in the Civil War until...
    spring of 1862
  25. What two forts did Ulysses S. Grant capture in spring of 1862?
    Forts Henry and Donelson
  26. what battle occured in April 1862?
    battle of shiloh
  27. what happend at the Battle of Shiloh?
    confederate army took grant by suprise but grants calmness helped him and he had the confederates retreating by nightfall
  28. how many casualties did Grants army suffer at the battle of Shiloh?
  29. it was said that....
    more men died that day than the total war itself
  30. Who did Lincoln replace McDowell with?
    George B. McClellan
  31. What would McClellan not do?
    he would not engage the south in battle
  32. who did Lincoln replace McClennan with?
    John Pope
  33. What happened at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run?
    Lee and his army beet Pope's army
  34. who does Lincoln replace Pope with after the 2nd battle of bull run?
  35. What does Lee do for the first time after the 2nd battle of bull run
    he invades Union territory and enters Maryland
  36. What battle was on September 17, 1862?
    battle of antietam
  37. How many casualties occured during the battle of antietam?
    • 24,000
    • evenly split between the two sides
  38. Who replaced McClellan after he failed to follow Lee as he retreated to Virginia?
    Ambrose Burnside
  39. What did Lincoln issue on September22, 1862? and when did it go into effect?
    • Emancipation Proclamation
    • January 1st, 1863
  40. What did the Emancipation Proclamation say?
    • freed all slaves in areas in rebellion to the Union
    • kept the british from recognizing the confederacy as a nation
  41. How many Blacks served in the Union Army by the end of the warr?
  42. Who was Burnside replaced with and why?
    • Joe Hooker
    • because Burnside made a bad decision in Fredricksburg, Virginia and it cost him 12,000 men
  43. What two places surrendered to Grant whithin 5 days of eachother? what was the significance of these?
    • Vicksburg and Port Hudson
    • the Mississippi River is not in Union control.
  44. What did the south refer to the war as? and why?
    "rich man's war and a poor man's fight" and because rich people could buy there way out of the draft
  45. What battle was considered to be the fourth largest in the civil war?
    Battle of Gettysburg
  46. What battle was on July 3, 1863? what was its consequences/
    • Picketts charge
    • pickett lost half of his men
    • Lee lost 25,000
    • Meade lost 23,000
  47. what was the significance of picketts charge?
    1st time Lee had been defeated in battle
  48. What was Grants strategic plan for him and Sherman?
    • Sherman attack Atlanta, Georgia and move up to Virginia
    • Grant attack Richmond, Viginia and move south to Atlanta.
  49. In the west whoo was fighting? and where?
    • Confederated led by Joseph E. Johnston
    • Union William Tecumseh Sherman
    • battle cas at Kennesaw Mountain, north georgia.
  50. The battle of the wilderness was between who? who won?
    • Grant vs Lee
    • Grant had a 2:1 people advantage
    • last 2 years
    • Lee made Grant move south
  51. where was Lee and Grants confrontation right after battle of wilderness?
  52. WHere does Lee set himself up behind srtrong positions?
    Cold Harbor, 9 miles from Richmond
  53. What did grant admit was his worst mistake of the war?
    Cold Harbor
  54. how long did it take for lee to wipe out _____ men?
    • 30 min
    • 10,000
  55. One historian said that the union army
    had been bled white.
  56. Who ran against Lincoln in the 1864 election?
    George B. McClellan
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