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  1. طَـيْـبَـةُ (without tanwîn)
    another name of Madinah
  2. حَدِيثٌ مُـتَّـفَـقٌ عَلَيْهِ
    a hadîth reported by both Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim in their hadîth collections known as الصَّحِيحانِ
  3. قَسَمٌ
  4. مُحْرِمٌ
    a hâjj (pilgrim) who has assumed the state of sanctity
  5. عُمْرَةٌ
    visit to the Ka'bah
  6. حِزْبٌ
    group, party
  7. فَرِحٌ (pl فَرِحُونَ)
    happy, rejoicing
  8. الْمَائِدةُ
    name of the 5th sûrah (literally, dining table)
  9. الرُّومُ
    name of the 30th sûrah (literally, the Byzantines)
  10. نَشْرَةُ الأخْبَارِ
    news bulletin
  11. وَدَاعٌ
  12. طَلَعَ يَطْلُعُ طُلُوعاً (a-u)
    to rise (of the sun)
  13. غَرَبَ يَغْرُبُ غُرُوباً (a-u)
    to set (of the sun)
  14. نَطَقَ يَنْطِقُ نُطْقاً (a-i)
    to speak, utter (a word), talk, pronounce
  15. تَقَبَّلَ يَتَقَبَّلُ v
    to accept
  16. أَقَامَ يُقِيمُ iv to say iqâmah
  17. حَمَلَ يَحْمِلُ (a-i)
    to carry
  18. شَاءَ يَشَاءُ (i-a)
    to wish, to want
  19. شَرَحَ يَشْرَحُ (a-a)
    to explain
  20. مَعْنًى (pl. مَعَانٍ)
  21. حَالٌ (pl. أَحْوَالٌ)
    state, situation, circumstance
  22. خَطَبَ يَخْطُبُ (a-u)
    to deliver a lecture, to address a gathering
  23. طَلَبَ يَطْلُبُ (a-u)
    to seek
  24. بَقِيَ يَـبْـقَـى (i-a)
    to remain
  25. قَرِبَ يَقْرَبُ (i-a)
    to approach, go near
  26. أَفَادَ يُفِيدُ iv
    to inform, to convey the meaning, to denote, to signify
  27. اسْتَجَابَ يَسْتَجِيبُ x
    to respond, to answer (a prayer), to grant (a request)
  28. اسْتَجِبْ
  29. قَلَبَ يَقْلِبُ (a-i)
    to overturn, to change
  30. إِنْشَاءٌ
    composition, writing
  31. صَحِيحٌ (pl. أَصِحَّاءُ)
  32. صَحِيفَةٌ (pl. صُحُفٌ)
  33. شَرْطٌ (pl. شُرُوطٌ)
  34. عَلَى غِرَارِ كَذَا
    after the pattern of, similar to, in the manner of
  35. خَطٌّ (pl. خُطُوطٌ)
  36. تَأَكَّدَ يَتَأَكَّدُ vi
    to make sure
  37. صَيْدٌ
    game (hunted wild animal)
  38. كَوْنٌ (masdar of كَانَ يَكُونُ)
    to be, being
  39. رَاسِبٌ (pl. رَاسِبُونَ)
    one who has failed (in an examination)
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