A lil more on nutrition

  1. Polymetric Enteral Nutrition
    • GI tract must be able to absorb whole nutrients
    • A dietary supplement
    • Sometimes called Ensure
  2. Modular Enteral Nutrition
    • Not nutritionally complete
    • Protein Supplements
  3. Elemental Enteral Nutrition
    consists of predigested nutrients
  4. What kind of Enteral Diet would you place the anorexic on?
  5. The Patient with a dysfunctional GI tract and cannot absorb nutrients would be placed on what kind of enteral diet?
    • Elemental
    • usually used in patients who have trouble absorbing nutrients.
  6. A patient with no teeth would be placed on what kind of diet?
    • Mechanically soft
    • --cottage cheese, potato pancakes
  7. What kind of diet would you place a patient with GI problems to reduce gas?
    • Low- REsidue Diet
    • No skin on Foods, pasta
  8. What kind of patients should be placed on Enteral Diets?
    • Cancer of the Head, Neck, and upper GI
    • Critical Illness, trauma, neuromuscular disorders
    • GI disorders
    • Ventilated Patients
    • Inadequate Oral Intake
  9. What are some Complications that can occur with Enteral Diets?
    Diarrhea (especially with polymetric), aspirations, electrolyte imbalance, hyperglycemia, breakdown of tissue at insertion site, risk of infection
  10. When would you use Parenteral Nutrition?
    • For a patient with no bowel sounds
    • Sepsis
  11. Complications with parenteral nutrition?
  12. Parenteral Nutrition
    Administration of nutrition into the vascular system
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