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  1. You are aware of the thought running through your mind and the emotions triggered by osme of those thoughts. You are also aware of the sounds you hear and the things you see in the room and outside the window, and of the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchien and the smell of freshly cut grass coming in the window. You would be considered to be in a state of ...
  2. One of your friends sometimes displays higher than his usual levels of awareness and another friend sometimes displays lower than her usual levels of awareness. These can be caused by drugs, trauma, fatigue, sensory deprivation, or possibly hypnosis. You would call these conditions ...
    altered stae of conciousness
  3. According to Freud, mental processes that occur without a person being aware of them are ...
  4. The class project required a student nurse to make hourly records of her own blood pressure and body temperature over a 30 day period. When the data were graphed, it became clear that these readings changed in a predictable way on a daily basis. The reason for this regularly is that many physiological processes are ...
    governed by circadian rhythm
  5. Your friend Helen has been blind since childhood. At times she has sleeping problems because ...
    her circadian rhythms do not follow 24-hour cycle
  6. Circadian rhythm refers to ...
    a pattern of biological functioning that occurs on a roughly 24-hour schedule.
  7. Sleep deprivation has been shown to ...
    have any or all of thes influence upon people.
  8. Who would require the most time to recover from jet lag?
    Mike, who is traveling east from Chicago to Paris
  9. The hormone _____ is a key factor in regulating a person's level of sleepiness ...
  10. With a new baby, you sleep has been interrupted so frequently that you have been deprived of REM sleep for several days. How might this affect you?
    It causes you to become more irritable and inefficient that usual.
  11. Most adults sleep _____ hours per night.
    7 to 8 hours
  12. Narcolepsy is a disorder involving ...
    periodic attacks of uncontrollable sleepiness.
  13. What disorder is characterized by the temporary cessation of breathing while asleep?
    sleep apnea
  14. Mr. Owens always sleeps restlessly, snorring and gasping during the night. It is most likely that he suffers from ...
    sleep apnea.
  15. During a heated argument with his teenage daughter, Mr. Reed suddenly lapsed into a stage of REM sleep. Mr. Reed apparently suffer from ...
  16. What sleepwalking statement is false?
    It is a sign of abnormal behavior in adults.
  17. A terrifying kind of dream that occurs during REM sleep and whose content is exceptinally frightening or uncomfortable is called ...
    a nightmare.
  18. Sleepwalking occurs during _____ phase of the sleep cycle.
    stage 3 and 4.
  19. Jerry is in the process of getting a divorce and is having trouble at his job. Previously he had not had any sleep disorders but is bothered by one now. Which disorder would he most like have developed?
  20. The sleep disorder narcolepsy occurs when individuals ...
    fall unexpectedly into deep sleep in the middle of daily activities.
  21. Jane says she smokes pot because it makes her feel indescribably happy. This is indicative of ...
    altered states of consciousness.
  22. Your mother must always have an early morning first cup of coffee. She usually has several more cups thoughout the day. If she misses one in the afternoon, she gets a headache. This behavior is connected with _____ use/abuse.
  23. Your friend reported feeling greater energy and a sense of well-being after taking a drugh. Medical test reveal increased activity of her central nervous system. The drug she took is most likely some type of ...
  24. You took a drug that lessened our feelings of fatigue, created an elevated mood, and decreased your appetite. What drug you probably take?
  25. The most widely used stimulants are _____ and _____.
    caffeine; nicotine
  26. Tranquilizers and alcohol belong to a drug category called ...
  27. Drugs that create a sense of relaxation and lowered inhibitions by reducing the activity of the central nervous system are called ...
  28. College students who consume large amount of alcohol on weekends are abusing what type of drug?
  29. Tranquilizers, sedatives, and narcotics all belong to the category of _____ drugs.
  30. Morphine and heroin are derivatives of ...
  31. Your neighbor has just confided in you that he is an addict. You have never seen him drink alcohol, smoke, or pop pills, but you have seen many small paper bags lying around his garbage. Given this evidence, to which category of drug migh your neighbor be addicted?
  32. Keith's dad was describing an experience he had: "... and when i got home, i sat down in the armchair in the living room, and watched while 300 turtles walked up the wall and out through the ceiling." Keith commented, "Wow, what an interesting _____."
  33. Kathy says that when she mediates, she feels like she becomes one with the universe. Kathy has experienced ...
    an altered state of consciousness.
  34. Those who wish to reach a more perfect state of consciousness often engage in _____.
  35. A method of relaxation that involves focusing's one's concentration on rhythmic breathing and not on thoughts or feelings is called ...
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