chapter 10 advance week 4

  1. chemical release by cell that signal other chemical responces
  2. 2nd degree burns is an examples of what stage of wound
    stage 2
  3. its asentual to keep a superfical enjoury _____ to speed healing itself
  4. what stage of healing is also know as the remodeling phase
    matureation phase
  5. a repair wound would eventualy peak at
    80% after a year
  6. what type of suiture involves a series of loops held in place with a knot at each end
    running stich
  7. for a significant cut on the hand it is self it is saft during thee enitial healing to
    wash your hands not submerge
  8. sunscreen are commonly recommened for wound healing
    once the skin has heal
  9. in order to be effected a silicone patch should be worne
    12 hr a day
  10. the risk of light therapy around the mouth include
    all of the above
  11. which of these you should sugest to a client with sunburn
    cool pack
  12. long term sun exposure cause which of these condition
    all of the above
  13. short term sun exposure causes
    supress the immune function of the skin
  14. artinic keratosis are ____ lesion
    brown black yellow or gray
  15. what does the term dermatatileiosis means
    long term sun damage
  16. in sun damage skin the eperdermis become
  17. seborea keratosis are _____lesion
    brown black, yellowish, or gray
  18. mohs surgery is a surgical treatment plain for
    squamus cell carcinma
  19. what does the D stand for in the ABCD of skin cancer
  20. what is the most common form of acne
    acne vergoris
  21. which of these are an example of an imflamatory acne lesion
    none of these
  22. open comedone do not encourage the development in bacteria growth because
    allow oxygen
  23. a close comedone become imflame when
    grows larger enough to tear in the folicuare walls
  24. what acne/grade thought of tipical teenage acne
    grade 3 papule and postule
  25. standared scares from when
    to much collegen in the infected area
  26. many resources belive which parts of a women face is most responsive to male hormon
  27. a client may experiance flare of acne when
    all of the above
  28. premenstral acne flare-ujp re primarly cased
    sudden irritation
  29. what cases irritation that result in keratosis pilaries
    hair forcessing its way out of the folicules
  30. what effect does tanning has on acne
    it hides it
  31. acne exoriate lesion are generaly
    flate abrasion
  32. which of these type of foods cause a flare of acne,
    none of these
  33. sebreah dermitis are often seen in
    the T-zone
  34. periodermatitis most often occur in women between the ages of
  35. almost all clien with rosea has
  36. the topical drug use to treat rosea is
    metrodianezone (treat yeast infection)
  37. rosea type for is
    ocular rosea
  38. rosea is most common in
    pale skin people
  39. you should refer client to a medical health provider if
    all of the above
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