GRE Unit 4

  1. Ambivalance
    the state of having conflicting emotional attitudes

    John felt some ambivalence about getting married before college.
  2. Ambrosia
    something delicious; the food of gods

    The combination of flavors in the Moroccan baked eggplant was pure ambrosia.
  3. Ameliorate
    to improve

    Knowing the could not stop the spread of a contamination in a few days, health authorities worked to inhibit its spread and to ameliorate its effects by issuing warnings to the public and initiating immunization responses.
  4. Amenable
    agreeable, cooperating, suited

    The young writer is amenable to suggestions for improving her prose style to make it more interesting.
  5. Amenity
    something that increases comfort

    Many amenities considered normal and necessary by people in developed countries, such as indoor plumbing, were luxuries only a few generations ago.
  6. Amulet
    ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits

    The early christian church forbade the use of amulets , which had become common in the Roman Empire at the time the christian church began to develop.
  7. Anachronism
    something out of the proper time

    Some experts regard the retirement age of 65 as an anachronism at a time when people in the developed world have a much longer life expectancy.
  8. Analgesic
    medication that reduces or eliminates pain

    Aspirin is a powerful analgesic that was introduced in 1899 and is still one of the most effective medicine available to alleviate pain, fever, and inflammation.
  9. Analogous

    The psychology researcher's experiment postulates that the brain is analogous to a digital computer.
  10. Anarchy
    absence of government; state of disorder

    The American philosopher Robert Nozick does not advocate anarchy; rather, he argues for the merits of a minimal state that would not violate the natural rights of individuals.
  11. Social Darwinism
    a theory in sociology that individuals or groups achieve advantage over others as a result of genetic or biological superiority.
  12. Protestant work ethic
    A view of life that encourages hard work and a rational view of the world as a way to achieve material success.
  13. Confunction
    A system or ethics based on the teachings of the ancient Chinese sage Confucius. It places a high value on family relationships.
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