GenPsych CH3

  1. The nucleus of a neuron is located in the...
    cell body.
  2. Which part of the neuron acts on the next cell?
  3. The primary function of dendrites is to...
    receive incoming information.
  4. What is the correct route a message takes within a neuron?
    dendrite, cell body, axon
  5. The terms spinal cord, somatic nerves, and parasympathetic division are best associated with the...
    central nervous systems (CNS)
  6. A neurologist says that your aunt has a condition affecting her central nervous system. You know from your book that the parts affected are the:
    brain and spinal cord.
  7. You are listening to a lecture. Then the bell rings in the hallway. When you hear these stimuli, it is _____ neurons that carry electrochemical messages from you ears to your brain.
    afferent nerves (sensory nerves that transport information to the brain)
  8. The lecture you were listening to is over. The bell that rang in the hall signaled the end of class. You get up out of your seat, pick up your things, and walk out the classroom door. Which kind of nerves sent the signals from your brain to initiate your physical movement?
    Efferent nerves (motor nerves that carry the brains output).
  9. Which division of the nervous system is composed of all the nerves that branch from the brain and spinal cord?
    the Peripheral Nervous System or PNS (the network of nerves that connects the brain and spinal cord to other parts of the body).
  10. Essential body function such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion, sweating, and sexual arousal are under the control of the...
    autonomic nervous system or ANS (a division of the PNS that communicates with the body's internal organs and monitors processes such as breathing, heart rate, and digestion)
  11. What are the two integrated parts of the autonomic nervous system?
    Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
  12. You are sitting in a public place next to a new acquaintance to whom oyou are attracted. You feel this person's hand touches yours. You move your hand to return a gesture. Your heart beats faster and you feel "butterflies" in you stomack. Your hand movements was initiated by your ____ nervous system. Your increased heart rate and stomach contractions were initiated by your _____ nervous system.
    somatic (sensory & motor nerve); autonomic
  13. Your brain has instructed your body muscles to move so that you avoid an oncoming bicyclist. Which division of the nervous system carried the information to your muscle?
    the Somatic Nervous System
  14. Just before you went on a job interview yo broke into a cold sweat, experienced shortness of breath, and felt a need to go to the bathroom. These symptoms were most likely produced by your nervous system.
    Sympathetic Nervous System (the division of autonomic nervous system that arouses the body)
  15. The cell body contains the _____, which directs the manufacture of substances that neuron needs for growth and maintenance.
  16. Most neurons send information to...
    other neurons.
  17. Uncle Manny had Parkinson disease. He suffered from muscular rigidity and tremors. He had low levels of which neurotransmitter?
  18. "Running has become a strategically important part of my life. After a good three miles, i begin to feel euphoric. This positive feeling stays with me most of the day." The runner may be describing...
    the production of ENDORPHINS.
  19. If you were nurologist and wanted to study a patient who presented with symptoms of bipolar disorder consisting of alternating episodes of mania and depressions, which of the neurotransmitters might you first examine?
  20. A researcher places closely spaced electrodes on her subjects head in order to study brain activity. She is using the _____ technique.
    PET (Positron-emission tomography)
  21. Electrical activity in the brain can be captured by placing multiple electrodes on the scalp and then measuring the underlying electrical activity. This method of studying the brains activity is called...
    an Electroencephalogram
  22. If persons cerebellum were damaged in an accident, you would expect the person to have problem with...
    balance and muscle coordination.
  23. A person who walks in a jerky, uncoordinated way may well have a disorder involving the...
  24. Which part of the nervous system regulates breathing?
    the Medulla (governs breathing and reflexes)
  25. One of the pleasure centers of the brain is found in the...
    hypothalamus (governs eating, drinking, and sex; plays a role in emotion and stress)
  26. If you had damage to your hippocampus, it would most likely impair...
    memory formation.
  27. Body temperature, emotional states, and coping with stress are functions controlled by the...
  28. If you have been struck in the back of the head and saw stars of the flashes of light, cells were stimulated in your _____ lobe.
  29. Conscious experience and voluntary actions are mediated by the...
    limbic system.
  30. The area critical for processing visual information is...
    occipital lobe.
  31. Magnetic resonance imaging in a technique that works by...
    detecting and interpreting magnetic activity from atomic nuclei.
  32. The three-foot-spike which damaged the Phineas Gage's frontal lobe resulted in...
    changes in personality.
  33. One of the important functions of the hypothalamus is...
    the maintenance of body temperature.
  34. The area of the cerebral cortex which control voluntary musccle movement is the...
    motor cortex.
  35. The left hemisphere of the brain moves...
    the right side of the body.
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