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  1. What is the first pyrimidine formed?
  2. What is the first pyrimidine nucleotide formed?
  3. What activates and inhibits CPSII?
    • active = ATP, PRPP
    • inhibit = UTP
  4. What type of ribonucleosides are needed for DNA synthesis?
    diphosphates (ADP, GPD, CDP, UDP)
  5. What substrates can bind at the four substrate spots on Ribonucleotide reductase?
    • ATP, dATP, dTTP, dGTP
    • ATP = active
    • dATP = inhibition
  6. Why is ADA such a problem?
    • Converts Adenosine into ribo/deoxyribo through salvage
    • makes dATP which inhibits R.R. = lack of DNA production
  7. What is tetrahydrofolate utilized for (2 items)?
    • All purines
    • only dTMP for pyrimidines
  8. Why is folate deficiency dangerous?
    There is a link to cancer b/c of a lack of dTMP and more dUTP being incorporated into DNA
  9. What is the function of methotrexate?
    Inhibit DHFR
  10. What is the function of 5-fluorouracil?
    inhibit ThySyn by becoming f-dUMP and competing
  11. How does AZT Triphosphate work?
    Inhibits DNA replication by competing with dTTP
  12. What is the function of Trimethoprim?
    Inhibit bacterial DHFR
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