Medical Terminology

  1. Anticoagulant
    a drug that prevents clotting of the blood
  2. Hemostatic
    a drug that stops the flow of blood within the vessels
  3. Vasoconstrictor
    a drug that causes the narrowing of blood vessels, decreasing blood flow
  4. Vasodilator
    a drug that causes dilation of blood vessels, increasing blood flow
  5. AIDS
    acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  6. ALT
    alanine aminotransferase (enzyme)
  7. AST
    aspartate aminotransferase (enzyme)
  8. BUN
    blood urea nitrogen
  9. CBC
    complete blood count
  10. CO2
    carbon dioxide
  11. CT
    computed tomography
  12. ESR
    erythrocyte sedimentation rate
  13. Ig
  14. MCH
    mean corpuscular (cell) hemoglobin
  15. MCHC
    mean corpuscular (cell) hemoglobin concetration
  16. MCV
    mean corpuscular (cell) volume
  17. PET
    positron emission tomography
  18. PLT
    platelet count
  19. PMN
    polymorphonuclear leukocyte
  20. PT
    prothrombin time
  21. PTT
    partial thromboplastin time
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