GRE Unit3

  1. Aggrandize
    to make larger or greater

    One of the concerns of the framers of the U.S. Constitution was that one branch of the governement would try to aggrandize itself at the expense of others.
  2. Aggregate
    amounting to a whole; total

    The aggregate wealth of a country includes private as well as public resources and possessions.
  3. Alacrity
    cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed

    The football coach was please to see the team get to work on the task of improving its tacking skills with alacrity.
  4. Alchemy
    medieval chemical philosophy based on changing metal into gold; a seeming magical power or process of transmutation.

    Alchemy was the forerunner of the modern science of chemistry.
  5. Allay
    to lessen; ease; soothe

    Improvements in antivirus software have allayed many people's fears of having their computers "infected" with malicious software.
  6. Alleviate
    to relieve; improve partially
  7. Bourgeoisie
    the social order dominated by the property-owning class. The term is associated with Marxism, the political and economic philosophy of Karl MArx and Friedrich Engels, but today it is often used disparagingly to suggest materialism and philistinism (an unenlightened and smug attitude toward culture).
  8. Alloy
    a combination; a mixture of two or more metals

    Scientists formulate alloys to create properties that are not possessed by natural metals or other substances.
  9. Allure
    to power to entice by charm

    Political groups in the United States often lobby Congress to use the allure of America's vast market as an incentive for countries to pursue policies in accordance with American policies.
  10. Amalgamate
    to combine into a unified whole

    In early 1999, six municipalities were amalgamated into an enlarged city of Toronto, Canada.
  11. Ambiguous
    unclear or doubtful in meaning

    The gender of the Mahayana Buddhist deity Avalokitesuara, the god of infinite mercy, is ambiguous in both China and Japan, where the god is sometimes called a goddess.
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