1. acquire
    • To gain ownership
    • We acquired a new tv last weekend.
  2. antagonize
    • To make an enemy or stir up anger
    • My brother constantly antagonizes me by coming in my room.
  3. competent
    • Having the ability to do what is needed
    • Are you competent enough to take the exam?
  4. comprise
    • To form or make up
    • Eight planets comprise our solar system.
  5. correspond
    • 1. To match, to be equal to
    • Her grades don't necessarily correspond with her intelligence.
    • 2. To exchange letters with another person
    • I correspond with my grandmother because I don't get to see her much.
  6. dilapidated
    • In poor condition due to neglect or age
    • The bridge was dilapidated after the storm and we couldn't drive over it.
  7. illustrious
    • Very famous, outstanding
    • Roberto Clemente had an illustrious career in baseball before he was tragically killed.
  8. incident
    • Something that happens in real life or a story
    • I am shaken up over the incident at the playground.
  9. inherit
    • To receive something from someone after their death
    • My grandma inherited a Plymouth Barracuda after her mother's death.
  10. latitude
    • The distance north or south of the equator
    • Freedom from strict rules
  11. loath
    • Unwilling or reluctant
    • I was loath to let my brother borrow my prized possession.
  12. maintain
    • 1. To declare something to be true.
    • Even though we thought she was lying, she maintained her story.
    • 2. To continue in the same way or condition
    • You have to keep working out to maintain your strength.
    • 3. To keep in good condition
    • We have to maintain our yard to keep it looking nice.
  13. renovate
    • To make like new again
    • We are going to renovate our kitchen after we save enough money.
  14. reprimand
    • 1. To scold in a harsh manner.
    • I knew my mom would reprimand me when I didn't finish my homework.
    • 2. A strong scolding from someone in authority
    • The coach gave us a reprimand for not finishing our laps.
  15. supervise
    • To direct or manage activities
    • I have to always supervise the children while I am babysitting.
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