FMSC 330

  1. Beside the 4 main roles that families provide what are some other roles that families play in an individuals life:
    • Assign status
    • Social roles
  2. Status is defined as:
    The place we are given in society , this place is mostly given to an individual in the family.
  3. The way that we learn our class is by the means of the family.
  4. Blue Collard family :
    These are families where family becomes a scape from work.
  5. Middle class :
    Their work gives them a sence of success or faliure. , in middle class work and family may compete for the loyalty which can lead to conflict or disappointment.
  6. What other sources does family provide us with :
    They provide us with ethnic and religious values which forms our culture and values .
  7. Significance of families in our life is huge
  8. Family of origin:
    In family of origin we are given role as child or siblings. In family of origin sometimes feelings fit the expectation of the roles and sometimes they do not.
  9. Family of choice
    This is the family that you marry into
  10. Dogs tend to be social catalyst, this means that:
    More people tend to stop and talk to you if you have a dog.
  11. The worst aspect of break of for newly divorced is the loneliness
  12. Extended family can be formed through:
    • Marriage ( conjigual)
    • Blood ( consanguine )
  13. Polygomy creates conjigual Polygyny and Polyandry
  14. Polygyny is a practice of and
    Polyandry is a practice of
    • One man having multiple wives
    • One woman having multiple husbands
  15. Serial monogomy ( succession)
    More than one spouse , different times.
  16. Difference between step siblings and half siblings is that:
    Step siblings are created by marriage and half siblings are created by birth.
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