American Experience:Inmperialism and progressives

  1. Manifest Destiny
    Belief that the US is better than other countries/peoples
  2. Why did we want to expand in terms of economics?
    needed new economic markets
  3. Signifigance of war in Phillipines?
    Denied Filopinos their freedom after granting just that to the Cubans
  4. What happened in Galveston?
    new, uncorrupt government set up in Galveston after a hurricane
  5. direct primary
    people were allowed to select who the candidates will be
  6. initiative
    allowed citizens to introduce a bill to the legislature
  7. referendum
    established a procedure by which voters cast ballots for/against proposed laws
  8. recall
    gave citizens the chance to remove officials from office
  9. Carrie Chapman Catt
    • Women's Suffrage Leader
    • Campained for 19th amendment
    • President of National American Women Sufferage Association (NAWSA)
    • Founder of League of Women Voters (LWV)
  10. Margaret Sanger
    • Informed women about birth control
    • Arrested several times because of violation of Comstock Act
  11. Frances Willard
    • Restricting Alcohol
    • Led WCTUC to stop alcohol abuse
    • Slogan: Do everything
  12. Who was La Follette?
    progressive govener of Wisconson
  13. What is the importance of Muller vs Oregon?
    courts began to consider the influence of laws on normal people's lives
  14. Jane Addams
    • wanted to help poor
    • opened Hull House
  15. Lester Ward
    wrote book about scociology
  16. Ida Tarbell
    • famous muckraker
    • exposed problems of Standard Oil Company
  17. Florence Kelly
    • advocate against child labor
    • opened settlement houses
  18. Ida B Wells
    • Advocate against lynching
    • wrote articles, made speeches and investigations
  19. Political machine
    sophisticated organization to win votes
  20. Example of a political machine?
    Tammany Hall in NYC
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