biology unit 4

  1. what is the full name of ATP
    Adenosine triphosphate
  2. what does it take to make ATP
    Oxygen, Water, and glucose
  3. how much ATP is made in every cell every second
    ten million times a second
  4. what is the chemical symbol for photosythesis
  5. 6CO2+ 6H2Olight and energy C6H12O6 + 6O2
  6. what is photoautotroph
    and organism that uses light energy to create food
  7. what are pigments
    a chemical that absorbs some colors of light while reflecting others
  8. what is a coenzyme
    they carry energy to speed up chemical reactions
  9. what is chlorophyll
    something that powers photosynthesis

    uses every color of light except green
  10. what is a chloroplast
    an organelle where chlorophyll happens
  11. what is the stroma
    the liquid part that fills the chloroplast
  12. what are photosystems
    a collection of chlorophyll pigments found in a thylakoid membrane
  13. what is a light dependent reaction
    a beam of light strikes a photosystem in a thylakoid membrane energzing the chlorophyll the photosystem splitsa molecule of water into hydrogen and oxygen
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