1. A large ancient African kingdon south of egypt
  2. the capitol city of Nubia
  3. A Nubian Kingdom freed from Egypt in 1650 bc
  4. The Capitol of the African Kingdom of Kush
  5. New Kingdom pharoah who conquered Nubia and brought Ancient Egypt to the height of it power
    Thutimose II
  6. King of Kush who conuered Upper Egypt
  7. Conquered the rest of Egypt
  8. Queen of Kush who led military expeditions and built monuments
  9. An anchient kingdom and preserved country in Northern Africa
  10. The area of land surronding the Nile River
    Nile River Valley
  11. The longest river in the world, it flows from east Africa to Egypt
    Nile River
  12. The region of Egypt that surrounds the Nile Delta
    Lower Egypt
  13. The region south of the Nile Delta
    Upper Egypt
  14. A city on the Nile in Egypt
  15. A triangular share arc at the mouth of some rivers
  16. A mixture of soil and small rocks
  17. A plant used to make paper
  18. A waterfall
  19. A city in Egypt where the Great Pyramids are located
  20. A village built for workers at the valley of the king in Egypt
    Dicir El Medina
  21. Legendary Ancient Egypt King
  22. To unite, combine, or bring together
  23. in ancient Egypt, a god king
  24. A large stone building to serve as a house for the dead
  25. a form of writing based on pictures
  26. a preserved dead body
  27. the way people use and manage resources
  28. helped keep Egyptians track of the height of water
  29. Egyptians made what to keep track of when the Nile would flood
  30. The nile was mysterious because the Egyptians did not know
    when or how long it would flood
  31. Describe the route of the Nile River
    4,000 miles long, begins in East Africa and flows eastern to the Meditterian Sea. Flows North to South
  32. Why was the Nile River Valley important to the development of civilization in Egypt
    Thrive, irrigate both sies (5miles each) Land, Dessert and bunch of rich soil
  33. List 3 ways in which the nile River Helped the Egyptians? How did the Nile River hinder or hurt Egyptians
    • 1.) Brings Silt through it
    • 2.) Irrigation
    • 3.)

    harms them when if overflows
  34. When did the Egyptians determin that the Nile would flood
    It would flood May to September. They could tell by the shape of the moon
  35. Why were calenders important to Egyptians
    To determine when the Nile would flood
  36. How did the understanding the flood cycles of the nile help the Egyptian Civilization thrive
    By understanding it they could irrigate their land
  37. Do we know for certain who united the Upper and Lower Egypt? Why or Why not?
    No, bacause there were few records.

    But legend says King Menes led his Army north into lower Egypt wearing a double crown
  38. What are Egyptians hieroglyphics, and how are they different from Sumerian picture writing
    unlike sumerian came from writing, Egyptians heiroglyphics represented objects and idea that also stood for vands???
  39. What changes occurred during the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom
    New Kingdom they referred to pharoah as king or god.

    Changes in kings, changes in social classes, changes in interaction with other cultures
  40. What discovery led the eventual decoding of hieroglyphics? How did this discover help archaeologist decode the writing?
    The Rosetta Stone helped solve the mystery of the of reading Egyptian hieroglyphics on buildings
  41. What types of information did scribes record?
    How much wheat and taxes they had to provide
  42. Why and how did the Egyptians build pyramids
    They cut grant with cliffs and built them to hose the Pharoah
  43. What did thousands of Egyptian farmers do while the Nile was flooding their fields?
    built pyramids
  44. What are the three facts that describe Egyptian Religion? How did religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians affect the way they lived their lives?
    • 1.) Built Pyramids as tower to bury their Pharoahs
    • 2.) Polytheism
    • 3.) Belived in Pharoahs
  45. What made Egyptian economy more prosperous?
    they had a lot of trade with other people
  46. How were the ancient Egyptians and Nubia alike or similar?
    The irrigation canals and were both polytheisist
  47. How is the land of Nubia different from the land of Egypt
    Nubia was surrounded by rocky cliffs and granite
  48. Why did the Egyptians want granite blocks from Nubia's northern region
    to build pyramids
  49. How did the relationship between Egypt and Nubia change over time?
    Egypt wanted to gain contol over more land. Egypt depended on trade for goods they wanted control over. Nubia they could take anything without trade anything
  50. What was the effect of Egypt's invasion of the Nubian kingdom of Kush?
    Egypt had less inluence over Nubien than it ever had
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