gpv - 3rd science

  1. What is a life cycle?
    Living things go through predictable life cycles which include: growth, development, reproduction and death.

    Life cycles DIFFER from species to species.
  2. True or False?

    All baby animals are hatched from eggs.
    FALSE. some are born live.
  3. How can you explain the stage of GROWTH?
    Growth is when baby animals change in size.
  4. What is REPRODUCTION?
    Adult animals produce offspring to keep there species from being extinct, this is reproduction.
    A group of living things that can produce living things of the same kind.
  6. What must a species do in order to prevent their kind from ending?
    They MUST REPRODUCE young animals.
  7. True or False.

    A life cycle is the ordered stages that occur in a plant's or animal's lifetime.
  8. True or False.

    The egg is the first stage in the life cycle of an animal.
    True. Most animals hatch from eggs but some animals develop from fertilized eggs inside the female's body and then are born live.
  9. What are the stages of a COMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS.

    (clue: eddie, likes, purple, ants)
    • Egg
    • Larva
    • Pupa
    • Adult
  10. What is animal is an example of COMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS?
  11. What are the stages of INCOMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS?

    Clue: Eddie, never, answers
    • EGG
    • NYMPH
    • ADULT
  12. What animal is an example of INCOMPLETE METAMORPHOSIS?
  13. How do adult animals care for their young?
    Usually the adults make sure to feed and protect their young so that they can reach adulthood.
  14. The life cycle of a human includes the following stages, put them in order from beginning to end.

    adult, baby, child, teenager
    • Baby
    • Child
    • Teenager
    • Adult
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