FMSC 330

  1. Traditional marriage is :
    Reunion of man and woman in legal way
  2. Some aspects that are associated with traditional marriage are :
    • Procreation
    • Public ceremony
    • Economic unity
  3. In marriage the public ceremony is important because :
    The marriage is socially recoganized and publicized , this means that man and woman are sexually united.
  4. Union of man and woman is assumed to be permanent
  5. What is the base for contemporary marriage:
    It is mostly based on love however it can also be based on some other reasons
  6. DOMA stands for
    Defense of marriage act which states that federally marriage is between man and a woman
  7. Traditional family consists of :
    • Parents
    • Grandparents
    • Children
  8. What has become possible in regards to forming a family with development of technology:
    Developement of technology has made it possible to separate reproduction from secxual intercourse. It has also made it possible for some others to have children.
  9. Socialization is :
    Teaching a child how to be a human and fit in the culture. This is the most important job of the family.
  10. Virginia Satir:
    She was a psychotherapist that wrote the book " people making"
  11. Traditionally family is responsible for socialization, however this has been shifting.
  12. The most important activity for chidren under 14 is :
    Watching TV.
  13. Taskes are assigned by culture , not biology
  14. Woman who work are more likely to get divorced
  15. Matriarchiy :
    The leading role is taken by the mother in the community of the family.
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