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  1. Psychologist use scientific methods to study:
    Behavior and mental process.
  2. Behavior is ______; mental processes are ________.
    observable; private
  3. According to the definition of psychology, which of the following is NOT a behavior?
    Being overweight.
  4. Accoding to the definition of psychology, which of the following is a mental process?
  5. William Wundt is to _____, as William James is to ______.
    structuralism; functionalism
  6. Historically, the foundational principles of psychology begin with:
    the Greek's philosophical theories concerning thought.
  7. Who gave the name of "structuralism" to the early psychological approach of identifying the structures of the human mind?
    E .B. Titchener
  8. In psychology, William James was highly influential in developing the school of thought known as:
  9. If you were interested in the funtionalist approach to psychology, you would be most interested in:
    How human consciousness works to help us exist and survive.
  10. Charles Darwin argued that _____ determines physical traits of survival.
  11. J.B. Watson and B.F. Skinner believed that:
    Psychology should focus on interactions with the environment that can be seen and measured.
  12. Who was the leading proponent of behaviorism in the United States until his/her death in 1990?
    B.F. Skinner
  13. Cognitive psychology can best be described as:
    the study of higher mental processes.
  14. During a therapy session, Jan shares her deepest thoughts with her psychologist. They explore her early childhood memories in order to unlock the causes of her troubling thought and behaviors. This approach is related to the:
    Psychodynamic Perspective.
  15. According to the _____, we are able to make healthy choices which affect our thoughts and behaviors.
    Humanistic Perspective.
  16. Humanistic denies the role of determinism, but elevates the role of:
    Free will.
  17. During the therapeutic session Mrs. Brown has been asked to discuss her dreams. The psychologist is particularly interested in the emotions related to the objects and events of her dreams. Together, they are delving into her _____ mind.
  18. Evolutionary psychology maintains that:
  19. Evolutionary psychologist believe that humans' most important psychological characteristics arose from:
    mutations that made some humans better able to survive.
  20. One of the values promoted by sociocultural perspective is the belief that:
    psychologists have been asked to advise companies who conduct international business.
  21. One of the values promoted by the sociocultural perperctive is the belief that:
    we must think of different cultures in relative terms rather than in judgemental terms.
  22. What is NOT a key concern of the sociocultural perspective?
  23. Professionals in the field of developmental psychology:
    specialize in the study of human growth and change over time.
  24. Jean is a psychologist who studies the changes that take place in people over the course of their life spans. Jean is most likely specializes in:
    Developmental Psychology
  25. A psychologist is studying optical illusion to determine how they "trick" the brain. This psychologist most likely specilized in the area of:
    Sensation and Perception.
  26. In graduate school, you find yourself fascinated by group behavior. In particular, you think you'd like to study the influence of organized religion on community interaction. In which area of psychology should you specialize?
    Social Psychology
  27. The main difference between psychiatrist and clinical psychologist is that psychiatrists...
    earn M.D. degress
  28. If you went to medical school and decided to specialize in psychological disorders, you would be most likely to consider the practice of:
  29. According to the textbook, a clinical psychologist:
    typically has a doctoral degree in psychology, which requires an internship.
  30. A paper titled "The Effect of Peer Group Pressure on Adolescent Smoking" would most likely have been written by a _____ psychologist:
    social psychologist
  31. You have volunteered to participate in a study that will ask you questions about life style habits, such as drinking, smoking, and engaging in high-risk sexual behavior. Which kind of psychologist is most likely conducting this study?
    Health Psychologist
  32. A psychologist is teaching stress-management skills to a group of corporate executives. In which subspecialty is the psychologist working?
    Health Psychology
  33. The specialist most likely to have a medical degree is a:
  34. An _____ might be employed to work with architects to determine the best working arrangement, color, and lighting for a work place, hospital, or research laboratory:
    industrial-organizational psychologist
  35. Kara was surprised to learn that certain hand signals which indicate a "job well done" in the United States are socially unacceptable in one of the countries she will be visiting next summer. The research that she is concerning these differences comes from the studies of _____ psychology.
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