Sociology Cards

  1. What is sociology?
    The study of social behavior in human groups
  2. What is social theory?
    statements that explain problems,actions, or behavior
  3. What is Anomie?
    Loss of Direction in society when social control becomes innefective
  4. what is Dysfunctons?
    processs of society that disrupts a social system or its stability
  5. What is Formal organization?
    Special purpose group designed and structured for maximum efficiency
  6. What is Bureaucracy?
    Component of Formal organization... uses rules and ranking...aerine
  7. what is Social Role?
    set of expectations for people who occupy a given status
  8. What is a Primary group?
    a small group with intimate, face to face association
  9. What is a Secondary group?
    impersonal groups with little social intimacy or mutual understanding
  10. what is a refrence group?
    any group individuals use for evaluating their own behavior
  11. ascribed status
    status one is born with
  12. achieved status
    status one earns
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