FMSC 330

  1. Name the functions that families have maintained through the years
    • Produce and socialize children
    • Act as a unit of economic coorporation
    • Give significant roles as children
    • Provide sournce if intimacy
  2. Most recent changes in the family such as divorce are due to
    Adjustment to our society
  3. what makes up the nuclear family
    Mom, Dad, Kids
  4. Family is important for each individual because :
    • It makes us who we are
    • It makes us who we will be
    • It teaches us morals and values
  5. Characteristics of pre-historic families include:
    • Women stayed home while men hunted
    • They provided love bonding
  6. Characteristics of current families include:
    • Women no longer remain home, this changes roles and creates dual work marriage.
    • Females postpone child bearing
    • They make nuclear family a minority
  7. Single handed families leaded by woman are increasing
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