Science Vocab Week 1

  1. erosion
    the process in which sediment is picked up and moved from one place to another
  2. deposition
    the process in which transported sediment is laid down
  3. mechanical weathering
    the breakdown of rock into smaller pieces of the same material without any change in it's composition
  4. chemical weathering
    the breakdown or decomposition of rock that takes place when minerals change through chemical processes
  5. mass wasting
    the downhill movement of loose rock or soil
  6. weathering
    the process by which natural forces breakdown rock
  7. abration
    the process of wearing something down by friction
  8. exfoliation
    the process in which layers or sheets of rock gradually break off
  9. humus
    the decayed organic matter in soil
  10. soil horizon
    a layer of soil with properties that differ from those of the layer above or below it
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