Med Term test 4

  1. Deglutition
  2. Mastication
  3. Dysphagia
    Difficulty Swallowing
  4. Peristalsis
    Wavelike contractions of stomach and intestine
  5. Eructation
    Burping, Belching
  6. Peridontal
    Pretaining to surrounding the teeth
  7. Buccal
  8. Palatoplasty
    Reconstruction of a cleft palate
  9. Proctalgia
    Pain in prostate
  10. Hypoglossal
    Pretaining to under the tongue
  11. Submandibular
    Salivary glands under the tongue
  12. Pyloric Sphincter
    Ring of smooth muscle from stomach to dudenum
  13. Manometery
    Loss of the motor function of the esophagus
  14. Stool Guaiac
    Exam of feces for blood
  15. Digestion
    Breakdown of Food
  16. Absorption
    exctracting nutrients
  17. Dyspepia
  18. Mastication
  19. Defecation
  20. Cholecystography
    dye in gall bladder for inspection
  21. cholelithiasis
    stones in gall bladder
  22. appendectomy
    removal of inflammed appenix
  23. cirrhosis
    chronic disease of the liver, alcohol abuse
  24. diaphragmatocele
    hiatal hernia
    protrusion of stomach thru the diaphram
  25. strangulation
    constriction of tublar structure, impedence of circulation
  26. hemorrhoids
    inflammed veins in anus
  27. choledocholithiasis
    stones in bile duct
  28. diverticulosis
    pouches in the linning of the colon
  29. diverticulitits
    inflammation occuring because of diverticulosis
  30. volvulus
    twisting of the intestine
  31. intussusception
    inward telescoping of the intestines
  32. fistula
    abnormal channel b/w organs. from organ to the surface
  33. pruritus ani
    itching of the skin around the anus
  34. ileus
    lack of perstaltic movement in the intestine tract
  35. polyp
    growth that occurs in intestine
  36. aphthous stomatitias
    small erosions in mouth
  37. dental cavities
    tooth decay
  38. gingivitis
    inflammation of gums
  39. leukoplakia
    white patches on lips or tongue
  40. GERD
    gastroesophangeal reflux disease
  41. achalasia
    inability lower esophagel sphincter ability to relax
  42. peptic ulcer disease
    • PUD
    • Ulcer in GI tract
  43. Esophageal atresia
    Esophagus that ends in blind pouch
  44. pyorrhea
    discharge from around teeth
  45. regional enteritis
    • crohns disease
    • Inflammation of colon
  46. colitis
    swelling of large intestine
  47. hematochezia
    bloody feces
  48. melena
    black tarry feces
  49. congenial megacolon
    hirschsprung disease
    congntial disease of normal nervous function of colon
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