228 Test EENTS

  1. Define: Chalazion
    infected myopia glands (stye)
  2. pterygium
    dust & wind exposure causes eyeball sclera to grow up onto cornea to protect it
  3. cultural considerations
    • darker skinned clients may have yellow/orange freckled sclera
    • cataract: worldwide
  4. ectropian & entropian eyelids
    • ectro: lids droop outward
    • entropian: lids come in
    • both affect tear production
  5. pinguecula
    • yellow/clear fatty deposit on eye
    • common in older clients
  6. Weber's test
    tuning fork on top of head
  7. Rinne Test
    • tuning fork behind hear on bone; in front of ear in air
    • AC > BC
  8. Romberg Test
    for dizziness--20 seconds standing with eyes closed
  9. Aging adult considerations with nose/mouth
    • smell and taste decrease, may lead to decreased appetite
    • medications can decrease smell/taste
    • gums recede, become ischemic
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228 Test EENTS
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