AH 6-9

  1. Alexander Hamilton
    Wanted to move capital to the south support of national debt plan
  2. What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 create?
    • established first U.S. federal judiciary
    • established first federal court system and number of supreme court justices
    • provided for the appeal of certain state court decisions to the federal court
  3. Cause of the whisky rebellion
    Hamilton placed a tax on liquor
  4. Why were people mad over alien and sedation act?
    freedom of the press
  5. What did Marbury vs. Madison do?
    formed judicial review
  6. What is Judicial Review?
    supreme court has power to abolish legislative acts by declaring them unconstitutional
  7. Name of the transaction when we bought Louisiana?
    The Louisiana Purchase Treaty
  8. Why did we go into war in the War of 1812?
    Britain imposed a series of trade restrictions on colonies
  9. What did the federalist support?
    • Alexander Hamilton
    • support constitution
    • power of national gov. over states
  10. What happened as a result of the XYZ affair?
    • Alien and Sedation Acts
    • Undeclared naval war
    • Ant-iFrench Feelings
  11. What did Jackson support?
    • Indian Removal Act
    • Spoils system
    • Slavery
  12. What was the Monroe Doctrine a response to?
    • a policy of U.S. opposition to any European interference in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere (1823)
    • U.S. would not interfere with current European colonies
  13. Who did the Tariffs of Abomination help?
    the north
  14. What did the American System do?
    • high tariff to support internal improvements (railroads, national banks)
    • Whig Party
  15. What did Jackson push through by being president?
    got ride of everybody and hired new people
  16. What did the factory system need?
  17. Why were they called 5 Civilized Tribes?
    • The Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole
    • Because they lived in European style settlements as farmers and planters
    • Organized forms of government
  18. Nullification proposed the idea of what?
    a states refusal to recognize an act of congress that it considers unconstitutional
  19. What was the Whig Party in favor of?
    • Jackson presidency
    • internal improvements
    • congress over presidency
    • opposition to Jackson
  20. Who supported states rights?
    • democratic party
    • ???
  21. What contributed to the Panic of 1837?
    • financial crisis
    • when every bank began to accept payment only in gold/silver
  22. Frederick Douglass
    • run away slave
    • learned to read and write
    • North Start (newspaper)
  23. David Walker
    • free black
    • advised blacks to fight for freedom rather then to wait for slave owners to end slavery
  24. Dorothea Dix
    • mentally ill reform
    • and jails
  25. Elizabeth Cody Stanton
    headed the first women's right convention
  26. Sojourner Truth
    • preached abolition
    • woman reformer
    • former slave
  27. What established the right of workers to strike?
  28. Annexation of Texas
    • lead to a war with mexico
    • ???
  29. Stephen F. Austin
    "father of Texas"
  30. Sam Houston
    defeated Santa Ana at the battle of San Jacinto
  31. Samuel F.B Morse
    built telegraph
  32. Who won and lost the election of 1848?
    • Winner: Jackson
    • Loser: Adams
  33. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    • ended the Mexican American War
    • U.S. got California, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona
    • Rio Grande as southern boundary
  34. Tecumseh
    • Shawnee
    • believed only way to protect their homeland was to form a confederacy
    • negotiated with British
    • opposed U.S. during war of 1812
    • attempted to form Native American Confederacy
  35. Thomas Pinckey
    • U.S. minister to Great Britain
    • signed treaty on behalf of Britain and Spain (1795)
    • Spain gave up all lands east of Mississippi River except for Florida
    • recognized the 31st parallel as the southern boundary os U.S and northern boundary of FL
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