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  1. The command to set the column and row headings so that they remain on the screen while you scroll to others parts of the worksheet
    Freeze Pane
  2. The command that tiles all open program windows
    Arrange All
  3. A set of formatting characteristics that you can apply to a cell
    Cell Styles
  4. Colored and underlined text that, when clicked, takes you to another location in the worksheet, to another file, to a Web page on the Internet, or on your organization's intranet
  5. The file type that saves an Excel file so that there is a comma between each cell and a paragraph return at the end of each row
    CSV File
  6. The file type that saves and Excel file with tabs between each cell in a row and a pargraph return at the end of each row
    Tab Delimited Text File
  7. An organized collection of facts related to a specific topic
  8. All of the categories of data pertaining to one person, place, thing, event, or idea
  9. A single piece of information that is stored in every record
  10. The term that referes to asking a question of the data in a database
  11. The term used for conditions that you specify that must be matched for the record to be included in the search results
  12. A menu filtering commands that displays when you click on of the filter arrws in an Excel table
    AutoFilter Menu
  13. The equal sign, greater than sign, or less thatn sign used singly or in combinations to compare two values
    Comparison Operators
  14. A character such as the asterisk used to search a field when you are uncertain of the exact value or when you want to widen the search to include more records
  15. The area where you plae the results when copying the results of a filter to another location in the worksheet
    Extract area
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GO! Microsoft Excel Chapt. 5 Matching
GO! Microsoft Excel Chapter 5 Matching