1. acrominclavicular joint (A/C)
    bony projections of the scalpula and clavicle meet, top of the shoulder
  2. artivular cartilage
    pearly layer of cartilage covering the ends of bones
  3. calcaneus
    heel bone
  4. closed fracture
    fracture where skin is not broken
  5. clavicle
    collar bone
  6. crepitus
    grating or grinding sensation or sound caused by fractured bones rubbing together.
  7. compartment syndrome
    elevation of pressure within a closed fascial compartment, extreme pain frequent below the knee, elbow or children
  8. dislocation
    bone ends being displaced
  9. eccuyhmosis
  10. glenoid process
    part of the scapula that joins with the humeral head to form the glenohumeral joint.
  11. hematuria
    blood in the urine
  12. ligament
    band of fibrous tissue that connects joints
  13. nondisplaced fracture
    simple crack in the bone with no displacement
  14. open fracture
    any break in a bone and where skin has been damaged
  15. point tenderness
    tenderness sharply localized at site of injury, gently palpating.
  16. position of function
    hand position where the wrist is slightly dorsiflexed and all joints are moderately flexed.
  17. pubic symphysis
    firm cartilaginous joint bt the two pubic bones
  18. reduce
    return a dislocated joint or fractured bone to normal position
  19. retroperitoneal space
    space bt abdominal cavity and posterior abdominal wall.
  20. sciatic nerve
    major nerve to the lower extremity: controls sensation in foot
  21. skeletal muscle
    striated muscles that ae attached to bones and usually cross at least one joint
  22. sling
    bandage or material heling to support the weight of an extremity
  23. splint
    flexible or rigid appliance to protect and maintain position of extremity
  24. sprain
    damage to supporting liagaments and partial temporary dislocation of bone ends
  25. strain
    stretching or tearing of a muscle
  26. swathe
    bandage that passes around chest to secure an injured arm to the chest
  27. tendon
    ropelike cord of fibrous tissue that attaches a skeletal muscle ot a bone
  28. traction
    longitudinal force applied to a structure
  29. zone of injury
    area of potentially damaged soft tissue
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