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  1. A Chart that shows the relationship of each part to a whole
    Pie Chart
  2. The term used to describe money set aside for the normal operating activities of a government entity such as a city
    General Fund
  3. In a formula, the address of a cell based on the relative position of the cell that contains the formula and the cell referred to
    Relative Cell Reference
  4. A column, bar, area, dot, pie slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a single data point.
    Data Marker
  5. A workbook sheet that contains only a chart
    Chart Sheet
  6. A shape effect that uses shading and shadows to make the edges of a shape appear to be curved or angled
  7. The entire chart and all of its elements
    Chart Area
  8. The process of changing the values in cells to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulas in a worksheet
    What-if Analysis
  9. The mathematical formula to calculate a rate of increase
    Rate= amount of increase/base
  10. The marhematical rules for performing multiple calculations within a formula
    Order of operations
  11. The Excel feature by which a cell takes on the formatting of the number typed into the cell
    Format as you type
  12. A line that serves as a frame of reference for measurement and that borders the chart plot area
  13. The area along the bottom of a chart that identifies the categories of data; also referred to as the x-axis
    Category Axis
  14. A numerical scale on the left side of a chart that shws the range of numbers for the data point; also referred to as the y-axis.
    Value Axis
  15. The short lines that display on a axis at regular intervals
    Tick Marks
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GO! Microsoft Excel Chapt. 3 Matching
GO! Microsoft Excel Chapter 3 Matching