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  1. A predefined formula that performs calculations by using specific values in particular order or structure
  2. Excel functions such as AVERAGE that are useful to analyze agroup of masurements
    Statistical Functions
  3. A predefined formula that adds all the number in a seelected range
    SUM Function
  4. A function that adds a group of values, and then divides the result by the number of values in the group
    AVERAGE Function
  5. A function that finds the middle value that has as manyvalues above it in the group as are below it
    MEDIAN Function
  6. A function that determines the smallest value in a range
    MIN Function
  7. A function that determines the largest value in a range
    MAX Function
  8. The action of moving a selection by dragging it to a new location
    Drag and Drop
  9. A group of functions that tests for specific conditions, and which typically use conditional tests to determine whether specified conditions are true or false.
    Logical Functions
  10. Conditions that you specify in a logical function
  11. A statistical function that counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given condition and which has two arguments--the range of cells to check and the criteria
    COUNTIF Function
  12. Any value or expressin that can be evaluated as being true or false
    Logical Test
  13. A function that uses a logical test to check whether a condition is met, and then returns one value if true, and another value if false
    IF Function
  14. Symbols that evaluate each value to determine if it is the same, greater than, less than, or in between a range of values as specified by the criteria
    Comparison Operators
  15. A format that changes the appearance of a cell based on a condition
    Conditional Format
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GO! Microsoft Excel Chapt. 2 Matching
GO! Microsoft Excel Chapter 2 Matching