1. closed chest injury
    injury where skin is not broken
  2. dyspnea
    difficulty breathing
  3. flail chest
    2 or more ribs are fractured in 2 or more places, and fracture of the sternum so that the chest wall is detached from the thoracic cage
  4. flutter valve
    one way valve that allows aire to leave the chest cavity but not return.
  5. hemoptysis
    spitting or coughing up blood
  6. hemothorax
    collection of blood in pleural space
  7. myocardial contusion
    bruise of the heart muscle
  8. open chest injury
    injury to chest, which the chest wall is penetrated
  9. paradoxical motion
    detached chest, movement of chest wall during breathing is opposite than it should be.
  10. pericardial tamponade
    compression of the heart due to blood or fluid in pericardial sac
  11. pericardium
    fibrous sac that surrounds the heart
  12. pneumothorax
    accumulation of air or gas in the pleural cavity
  13. pulmonary contusion
    bruise of the lung
  14. spontaneous pneumothorax
    occurs when a weak area on the lung ruptures in major injury, allowing air to leak into the pleural space
  15. sucking chest wound
    open/penetrating wound through which air passes during inspiration and expiration.
  16. tachypnea
    rapid respirations
  17. tension pneumothorax
    accumulation of air or gas in the pleural cavity that increases pressure in the chest w fatal results.
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